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Monday, March 25, 2013

Rich Dad, Kind Mom-1

Dear Parmis

    I want to tell my story about first gift. Maybe you enjoy it.

    When I was a little girl, Iran and Iraq were enemies. During the war our soldiers were at the front, so many people worried about them. At that time Nowruz was not similar to this time. Many people were killed in air raids and many buildings were destroyed in enemy bombing raids. So We had not a haft sin table, but I saw the Haft sin on TV and I liked to have it in the room. So I came up my dad and told him about the Haft sin. He looked at me and said:” You like the Haft sin? It’s fairly simple. Now we put seven items here such as: sang (stone), sini( tray), sosk( beetle), sak(bag),…. 

    I saw he was kidding. My father was a governmental employee. But he was also an investment. He invested in everything such as old cars, field, old building,…He believed “money is  not for buying , it’s to invest “ and whenever he told me about his poverty, I thought about the bills in his drawers. Whenever he read keyhan , he gave me keyhan’s economy page and told me “ read it”. I browsed through it. I know he wanted to teach me about value money. But I was small and it was so hard for me.

    Last summer I read “Rich dad, Poor dad” by “Robert Kiyosaki” .  I remembered his words. Now I would like to invest but I don’t want to think like my father. I would like to think “Rich Dad” .  I would like to increase my income to buy what I like it.

    At the moment I was disappointed with him. So came up my mother. She was so kind. She said that we couldn’t have a Haft sin table, because my father didn’t agree to it. In return she wanted to give me a gift…

    Best wishes 


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