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Saturday, March 23, 2013

I know it is spring again

    Spring is the lovers’ season and Nowruz is a good time to read a good book like a poetry book. Kairos is another book by Illinois poet Jason Sturner. Do you remember that beautiful poem (“about love”)? I like his poems, they are very pretty. These poems have been praised by readers for their honesty, emotional depth and strong use of imagery.

     When storms unleash a thunderous might
     across the urban scenes of busy life
     and our neighbor cleans his grill;
     when warblers pass
     and the air smells like grass
     I know it is spring again. 

    When leaves shine healthy green
    across woodlands where robins sing
    and the flowers return to glory;
    when the sun warms our cheeks
    and the chipmunk peeks
    I know it is spring again. 

When lovers create sparks
across blooming city parks
and we run through fields simply to run;
when bitter cold has gone away
and warm days resume our play
I know it is spring again:
And all of nature rubs its eyes,
stretching an eager frame.

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      All the best


   (Today was a good day for us. Now we have two kittens and two cats, but maybe our leaders think the war, I hope not. We can like together. Why not?
but of course  they know everything better than us.)


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