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Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Week For Google

Last Week, I received this email, you knew email has changed. I thought that  maybe it will be helpful for you. This week, I have different posts, I will say about Love, Because We Love Google.

Gmail has changed! Don't miss any important emails from Wordtracker



Did you know that a few weeks ago, Google made an important change to the Gmail inbox?


To make sure you that don't miss any emails from Wordtracker, simply move your Wordtracker email from the Promotions tab to Primary tab. It's really quick, just follow these easy steps.


Step1. Manage your tabs

Move your wordtracker email from the Promotions tab to the Primary tab, by simple drag and drop.


Step2. Confirm the new rule


When you drag the email over from Promotions to Primary, you will see a message asking if you would like to do this for all future Wordtracker message. Click yes, and you're all set up.


To your online Success,

 Mike Mindel

Founder and CEO, Wordtracker

Young Love


Two Lovers found the genie's lamp on the beach.


"For freeing me," said the genie," I will grant you each a wish."


Looking into the boy's eyes, the girl said," I wish we could be lovers until the end of the world."


Looking out to sea, the boy said, "I wish the world end."



               All The Best​

​                   M.T​




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