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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Give her a chance

Parmis entered the address: a beautiful, wonderful and popular site. Uncle's website had a ton  visitors around the world.

Parmis thought " Now it is my Time, I set up another popular site like "


So she started . she read uncle's books, a little HTML, CSS and designing.
she bought a good domain and host, and got some Keywords rich, Perfect contents.

she  saw an advertisement. then she contacted the Rank man. He told her:" Don't worry, little girl. Just Add to card, then your site is at top of Google." It was a fantastic offer. Parmis accepted

-"Congratulations, Parmis!"
- "Thanks a lot for all you do. we set up a successful website: " Bestideas" is at top of Google. It's number one."


At opening party , Armis, Mino and Teddy were very happy. They joined to "WWW"

While Parmis was eating a piece of cake, She counted  up number of visitors, " her friends( 3) + a ton visitors. Pretty,good". Parmis smiled.


She waited a little. After a week, she woke up early, turned on her computer with excitement, closed her eyes. counted to three.


Then she opened her eyes. BIG SMILE "Congratulations. Excellent Job, well done, Parmis! he he he    - only 3 visitors  he he he !"

Uncle Sergey


Best Wishes


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