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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Don't forget to Smile!

Take a Smile, Parmis!
Well done! Now, another one, look! smile! Thanks!
One after another. That's enough.
After that, it was time for hide and seek. Parmis hid behind the tree and Uncle found her.



Look, Parmis! Uncle Larry is over there. Don't tears! He'll be sad. Say good bye to Uncle.
- Bye Uncle!
- Bye Parmis! Photos are in your computer. One day I'll come back home . Take care baby. Don't forget to smile and don't forget photos!
Uncle has gone and Parmis was so sad . She missed her best friend.

This is my Uncle's drawing. He is far from here. He is intelligent and he's studying Computer. We have taken a lot of pictures together. Let me show you our photos.
Her eyes glistening. The computer was turned on.
After a few Minutes. Oh, My God! My photos...

A black page, A big Evil Smile, A private Message!

" Don't Forget to Smile and Don't forget My Back up, Parmis"
             Uncle Sergey BEG

                          God Bless,
                      I dedicate this to my favorite Uncle

Your Computer Files are at Risk!

Don't Forget MyPc backup





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