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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A blog without traffic

Hello my friends

A few days ago, I received a helpful email from a friend of mine about this blog. It was a nice email full of good advice to me.

Although, I am a headstrong person, but every time that I feel someone wants to help me truthfully, I'll be glad. So I'm going to listen to his advice. If you have ideas, you can send your suggestions to me. Thank you for your help.

In this week, I had a story about traffic website. Traffic website is blood of online business. Idea of story was from my blog, but that story was not about this blog. Our visitors are few. But I like them. My English is poor, I am not on time, a little fickle, sometimes happy and sometimes sad. But you were patient and kind towards me. Thanks a lot. I appreciate you and I take pride in our friendship.
Well, and what you wanted
1-      As of this Tuesday, we have a download, about ten pages of an eBook. Please read it , and so do I. Then if you would like to send your summaries to me. I will post the best summary in English or in Persian here.
2-      You are right. I try to be on time. But you have a heart. Please get newsletter. After that you are not sad that why I am not on time and you are always the best one.
3-      And more advice, step by step, I will act them later. You can also send your interesting memories to me. I enjoy listing and reading good memories.

Until then
Take care
M.T (Tomorrow LinkedIn)

Here is your download. Before, you've read it. It is 10 pages of eBook (How To Attract Anything You Want In Life). Please download, read it and remember to write your summary. Thanks a lot.


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