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Sunday, August 18, 2013

I hate Dot

In the Classroom

Parmis was in the classroom, she painted a flower on her paper. Teacher said to children:" You know Google. It's the most important search engine. But what do you know about Google Doodle?"

Parmis put her hand up and said:" I've read in Doodle History that "Doodles are the fun, surprising, and something spontaneous changes that are made to the Google logo to celebrate holiday, anniversaries, and the lives of famous artists, pioneers, and scientists."

Teacher said:" You're quite right. The doodle team consists of a group of illustrators and engineers behind each and every doodle you see. The team has created over 1500 doodles four Google's homepages around the world… and counting! You can see them all at: "

Google is a contest every year.You can draw a picture of Google and sit for a selection. Maybe you will be one of winners"

Parmis thought, she remembered the dot story. She could draw a point so she was a painter. Maybe she would be a winner.


 At home

 Parmis searched on Internet, she saw many paintings to take an idea. Then she started to draw. When she ended her painting, she showed it to her mom. Mom was so surprised and said to Parmis:" this is very beautiful, I wish you will win."

 Little Parmis sent her painting to GD happily.

She had to wait a few months. She checked page of GD every day. Her mom was not any the less happy. She knew that Parmis won't be a winner. Parmis didn't know anything about Dot but her mom knew it. Uncle Larry didn't like Dot and Poor, parmis drew a drawing full of points.


In GD Office

A group of Googlers got together to choice better drawings. Mr GD, saw Parmis's painting and he liked it. He showed it to his colleagues. They liked it, too. "At that time, Parmis 6 year old was one of finalists."


 Larry's Office

 Larry was in his office. He was searching on Internet, he typed" Birthday Gift" and was opened a page of presents. He thought: "which one is better? A Teddy Bear, A lovely puppy, maybe sunglasses are better. He and I can take a new photo. Oh, no, wait, that's fun! He smiled and clicked on slippers. Sergey will love these.

Suddenly, he saw page of Doodle and finalists on it. "Oh, my God! That painting!  Dots! That's too bad! I should remove it"

Now! Parmis 6 year old was discarded.

              Best Wishes


History by Google



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