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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lessons from Warren Buffett

Dear Parmis

I like LinkedIn, although making friendship with others in it is not as easy as Facebook ( maybe just for me!) , but I'm glad to find professional people that I'm a fan of them.

I was excited when I read a post of Bill Gates  in his  LinkedIn page. It was about Warren Buffett.Wow! A few years ago , right in this time, I was looking for a book about Warren Buffett for gift to someone. Now, I find Bill Gates's Blog and Tips of Warren Buffett. well, I write one of tips about Time and its value.

" Know how valuable you time is

No matter how much money you have, you can't buy more time . There are only 24 hours in everyone's' day. Warren has a keen sense of this. He doesn't let his calendar get filled up with useless meetings. On the other hand, he's very generous with his time for the people he trusts. He gives his close advisers at Berkshire his phone number, and they  can just call him up and he'll answer the phone..."

Every time that   someone speaks  about worth  of time. I remember this story.

" Once upon a time, there was a rich  king . He had a lot of rubies . He set beside a pool and dropped a ruby in the pool. He said:   "What good sound! " .The little circles on the surface of the water were beautiful for watching . Then he repeated  it and dropped another one .  One after another , he felt his  ruby in the pool to listen sound and to see little waves.

Those rubies  are   the moments of our life and that king , we are. I hope  we know worth  of our time. I visited his Blog , too . A pretty and clear site. There are some good ideas  for me and everyone else in this site and to learn about Gates Foundation, too. Do you know Bill Gates writes  letter? my own annual letter are letters about the  Gates foundation's work.
Three Things I've learned From Warren Buffett.

Best Wishes


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