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Friday, August 9, 2013



In School, she has been the closest thing to a girlfriend he ever had. ." Please keep in touch," he said when they graduated.


"Yeah, you too," she said. This reunion would be the first time they would talk in five years.


"Good to see you."

"Yeah, you too."

"Please keep in touch."

"Yeah, you too."



How to Attract Anything You Want in Life

Selected Tips

Laws of Attraction-The Alpha Male Mentality


Interactions between the males species has always been with the survival philosophy of "survival of the fittest." The male that survives is chosen based on strong breed this is especially true in animal pack societies, in which the alpha male would be the only one among the pack. His job would be to get all the females pregnant so species could continue to live.

Alpha males in the Animal Kingdom

 The male human species look upon the situation strangely with a hint of pensiveness. What would it be like to be the top king of the gang? To be the one who procreates to survive. However, those males do not understand that the alpha male becomes this title not by a birthright but by proving time and again that he is the strongest and most intelligent to survive. Yet, should another male challenge the alpha male to a duel, then the alpha male must fight in order to keep his back. Should he decline, it will be removed from him. This is to ensure that the species indeed continue to exist because the alpha male is likely to rear strong children.


This is good for the animal kingdom but what does this do for human race. How do the two relate. In fact, there are alpha males in the human race. Yet the criteria for these alpha males are set differently than those in the animal kingdom. These are five categories of alphas in the human race. They are: the powerful alpha, intellectual alpha, military alpha, bad boy alpha and artistic alpha.

Definitions of the Four Alpha Males

 In the powerful alpha, it is the man who has the greatest and most power. This holds true with their community, family and friends as well as their business. Women who engrossed to this type of alpha are looking at business tycoons, politicians and possibly even royalty. It's because woman want these positions and the power that the position brings to it.


Intellectual Alpha- Men who are smart on any topics or subjects. These men are likely to go through school to get their PhD s and are likely to save the world. Where these males can be found in their offices and work places along with their counterparts…their mates.

Military alpha- these are the men women tend to love. Women love men in uniform because they have "power", have an adventurous sense as well as a job that be brought and talked about although the phrase, "that's classified" would be a mood killer. Their mates know that the military alpha will be out of country a good part of the time so bonding is never very big.


The bad boy alpha can take on many forms. He can be of military Special Forces or with black ops. He can have a dappled past and one criminal element that may have a price on his head. He may not strike about conversations and talk a lot but he assumes the woman he is with will know what he wants or needs.


The artistic alpha would be the type to sell drawing in museums but have his showings somewhere exotic. This type of male is of the romantic side and women will be adorned by this alpha.

 Do the males you know fit into one of these five categories? Every woman has wanted to date at lease on of them. As the military marines' saying goes, " the few, the proud, we're the alpha males.

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