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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Guess What???


June- fifteenth- Sunday

Guess What ?
5 A.M

The mom gets up at 5 in the morning, and sitting at the desk. Sleepy, she picks up the dad's photo; the man's smile warms her heart. " what's it?" she says. There is a slip of paper on the dad's heart with a written on it : " Never Forget Another Event"


A sweet smile emerges, she murmurs ," This is a clue to look for a treasure. Never Forget--- I've seen this sentence somewhere before, but where? " . She drowns in her thoughts : " Never Forget--Event??? oh, I find it, Calendar!! ", a sparkle appears in her eyes, and opens Google Calendar, but there is no event.

It is quite obvious , that she should check other calenders, but which one? ,she has some calenders at home.


After searching her office , enters the living room , on the wall , next to the father's photo and on the big calendar , she finds a clue else : " Researching a Topic? " she says, grinning, " Google Books", so she goes towards the bookcase


 " Thousands of books are here , which one!!! maybe a story about a father and his kid!???"

 She stares at the books, and extends her hand for picking one up ,  suddenly a book falls on her head, " Ouch!!!", rubbing her head, picks up the book ," Pinocchio!??", opens it ; Parmis's handwriting blinks on the first page of the book:" Find Your Design."

The mum sits on the rug for a while , and thinks about Google products , " It's Google Shopping, isn't it?", she tells , happily.


Our Writer jumps into the kitchen , exciting. The basket likes shopping . She finds a clue inside it : " A den , but it's not hidden."


The mom doesn't think about anything else, just opens the backyard door, and runs towards the big tree .

Once this place was their hangout. She looks at on the table , " Wow! Oh my God!", A red roses vase, the dad's photo, chocolate cake, cream, three china cups, a tea pot ,...

Little Parmis with a big smile , comes out of behind the tree, and says : " Happy Father's Day! "
A teardrop glows in the mother's eye , " Really Beautiful! "



A Special Plan
7:30 A.M

After having breakfast Parmis is getting ready for work, that Uncle Sergey comes online:
--Hi, Parmis. How are you?
--Fine, thanks . And you?


-- I'm fine, too. Gloria and I are going to play Golf with Glass, Do you want to come with us?
-- Yeah, I'd like to, but I must go to the office in a few minutes.
-- Why? Today is Sunday, isn't it?


-- Yes, but  Uncle Larry, Mr. Assistant and I work even on weekends, because European people need us.

Uncle Sergey says, sadly, " oh, that's too bad. I'll talk to Larry--
Parmis interrupts him, " No, please, Don't tell him anything; I myself asked to work on holiday."

Uncle Sergey says with surprise, " really?"
Parmis: " Yeah , that's right."
Uncle Sergey laughs , and says goodbye to her.


While Parmis is putting her notebook into her backpack, the cellphone is ringing. Parmis answers it: " OK, Glass, hello "
Mino laughs: " Hey, Parmis. Let's go to the department store. "
Parmis: " Why?"
--- : " I want to buy something for my daddy."
--- : " Nice, but I have a special plan."
--- : " What?"
--- : I can't say anything , it's a surprise!"
Mino says, grinning, " Don't shake with fear, little Parmis! I don't need your money, I have plenty. "

Parmis laughs, " You're lucky, but I really can not come , Miss Mino."
Mino sneers, " so Armis and I go shopping, next that we will eat some delicious ice-cream together, and You keep on erasing, baby."

Deep Feelings
8 A.M

Mino and Armis enter the store, cheerfully. " Wow! how crowded! ", Armis says, and Mino shouts , " Look! On Sale ", some people turn around , and look at them with surprise, Mino makes a face at them , and says, " Thanks , Thanks, you're watching the most beautiful who you have ever seen , " and giggles; the people smiles and pass by them.


Two little girls walk, and look over ties; all of them are nice , and this makes selection difficult, Mino gets completely mixed up, so Armis tries to help her.

She shows a beige silk tie, and says, " That's very beautiful, isn't it?"
Mino looks at it for a few minutes, and nods. It's $ 50, just within her money.

The saleswoman admires her tact, the little girl eyes glisten, and her cheeks glow, she says to herself, " daddy loves it. It's expensive and elegant. "


Mino puts her hand into her pocket, she's going to pay for the silk tie, that she glimpses a mannequin at the shop, so points at the mannequin with mouth hanging open, and asks, " Excuse me, Ms. How much is it?"

The saleswoman says, smiling, " which one? that beautiful pink silk dress? It's only $5o."

Mino puts the tie aside, and asks, " Can I to try it on?"
The woman laughs, " Yes, why not? you are really good tact."

Mino puts on the pink dress, happily. Armis stares at the pretty dress with surprise, and tells Mino slowly, " That's really beautiful, but do you have enough money for the dad's gift? "

Smiley Mino," How much money do you have?"
Armis glows , and says with embarrassment , " Just one dollar."
Mino," That's enough."


Mino buys a cheap polyester tie for her dad, and that pretty pink dress for herself.

In the way home she advises Armis, " See, my friend! the Value of a gift doesn't determine by its price tag, rather it determines by deep feelings of the donator , and I love my daddy deeply ."

Armis nods , and tells ," You're right, you have brains."

All the Best






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