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Thursday, July 17, 2014

I Need More Time

June- fifteenth- Sunday

Treasure's hunt
9 A.M.

Larry is sitting in his office, frowning, and thinking about expelling Parmis , although this kid is so cute, and does her share good, but she is tireless; she constantly works , and this drives Larry mad.

Parmis stops erasing for a while , looks at her uncle , and asks politely, " Would you like a cup of coffee, uncle?"

Larry nods, and says to himself ," I'm not cruel? this kid is so kind. '

As soon as Parmis leaves the office, a dotted Google emerges on the Screen. Larry's mouth is hanging open , stares at the screen; suddenly the screen is covered in dots,The small and big dots blink on the black screen alike star, then a biker girl rides through the dots, picking the stars, and puts them into her basket, smiling.

As the basket is filled with dots, the little girl stops the bike, stands up , looks into Larry's eyes for a while, then points at her basket , shouts, " Just for you, Uncles Larry! ", and giggles.
Larry pulls down his eyebrows, and says, " Naughty girl! you're kidding me??? now I can expel you, peacefully. "

The aroma of hazel coffee swirls around him. He looks around him, a cup of coffee is on the desk, but Parmis isn't here.

Larry smiles, picks the coffee up, and stares at it ; there is a green label with a note on it: " Join us on our journey."

The uncle wonders a little," I found it; Google maps," he says, and thereafter checks out Google maps, but it's usual.

A pretty butterfly swirls around him, and the door starts swinging, Larry walks out of the office , and takes a look around, the electronic bulb of  the conference room is on, a spark appears in his eyes, he goes towards the room swiftly.

The " wet floor" sign on the floor stares at him, angrily. but the guy doesn't pay attention it, and walks towards his goal. Wow! that's right. A note places on the big map of on the wall, happy Larry picks it up , and starts jumping up and down with excitement, the slippy sign shouts, " No , No!!!" , but it's all over.

Ouch! The guy slips on the slippery floor, and falls down. " What a nuisance!," he says , and rubs his back. Fortunately , he isn't damaged at all, so reads the note, " Carry less, save more, " , the man smiles, " It's slogan of Google wallet, but Parmis doesn't have any wallets???"

The uncle gets up, walks on the floor, carefully, and thinking about Parmis and her money. This kid is a small stockholder, so she stores per cent, but where is her storage?", his eyes glisten, he returns to his office.

Parmis's teddy bear is sitting on the chair, politely. The uncle puts his hand into Teddy bear's pocket, " Oh, no! What a nuisance! my new shirt...," Larry cries, the melted chocolate spills on his new shirt, Teddy grins. The man cleans his hand and shirt with a tissue, and goes towards Parmis's cactus at the window.

He seeks inside the cactus pot, and finds a few coins, but no note. The boss murmurs , " You're Dismissed, Parmis.", the cactus touches his finger's skin, and cuts it. Ouch! Larry stares at his finger , frowning," What a nuisance!"

Standing under the biggest tree with a rope, and looks up, angrily. Parmis climbs this tree everyday, sits on a branch, and sings with birds. Sometimes she hides her cents inside the birds nest. Larry has to climb the tree for treasure's hunt.

He gets the rope into the tree, climbs, sits on the nearest branch to the nest, and extends his hand towards the nest. Wow! that's right, a note is there. He picks it up, happily, but the bird gets disturbed , and attacks him, the guy wants to back down , but he gets so excited that falls down, again.

Larry shouts, " What a nuisance! Parmis , you are dismissed!"

  After he reads the new note: " It's Pretty much automatic! ",  smirks," Google Drive! ", and enters the garage.

  Unfortunately, he has a flat tire with on note on it, " A Hangout, on air.", Larry takes a deep breath, finally he hunts the treasure, so gets into the car , and rids to the workshop.


A Special Plan
10 A.M.

A warm welcome awaits Uncle Larry, when he gets there.Parmis and her uncle sit in the flying machine and fly together ; through the white clouds , in the blue sky , cheerfully.

Then they get out , and go on a picnic by the side of the lake, and have lunch together, they have some fruit salad, orange juice and chocolate cake for lunch.

Larry thinks : " I wish she was my girl, she is lovely and cute, I can't expel her. "
Parmis looks at his face with curiosity , and says , " Did you know that we're going to Brazil on Thursday?

Uncle Larry didn't know anything about it, but it's good news for him, Little Parmis won't be in Google for a short time , he smirks.

Parmis asks ," Do you want to come with us?"

Uncle Larry," Oh, I'm sorry dear Parmis, I'm very busy: Europeans' right, IO conference and World Cups Doodles and more. "

Parmis says , frowning ," Mr. Assistant can do them, can not he?"

Uncle Larry, grinning," Yes, he can, but I don't want to escape him, these are difficult task for one man. "
Parmis nods, and tells, " I'd like to travel together:  with You, Uncle Sergey, and my friends , but no problem , I understand you. "


I Need More Time
12 P.M.

Disappointed Parmis picks the smartphone up, and checks out her Gmail, " Wow! Martin is online!", She screams happily, and clicks on the video call button.
Smiley Parmis says : " Hi, Martin, Guess what? We will be in Brazil until Friday :)"

A bitter smile emerges Martin's face, " You're truly lucky, Parmis! I can't leave my office at all ."
Parmis stares at Martin with hanging mouth, wide-eyed, " Your office???"
Martin glows, and says with embarrassment, " Yes, my office. Do you remember my new app?"
Parmis nods," A feeling Change."

Martin, " Yeah. This morning I dedicated my program to the daddy. As soon as he tested it, he got so excited that showed " feeling change" to some of his friends, and his buddies found it unique and awesome, so they wanted to buy my new program," a sparkle appears in Martin's eyes, he takes a deep breath, and continues his story," so I established my company: " Feech" , and now I'm so busy that I don't have any free time for traveling , or watching match. I should focus on my job, company , and rivals. I'm an entrepreneur, Parmis."

Parmis's mouth is still hanging open, she can not believe what she hears,

Martin asks , smiling, " How long do you want to stay in Google? I want to hire some personals, and I'd rather they will be familiar. would you like to work in " Feech " Company?

Parmis asks with surprise ," Are you kidding? "
Martin, " No, I told the truth, all husbands like my app. Maybe I will be the next young Millionaire ! "

Parmis's eyes glisten, " Cool! Are you ready for an interview?"

Martin shakes her head, and says, " Not yet, I need more time. And you? do you work for " feech"?

Parmis frowns, shakes her head, and says, sadly, " I'm sorry: at this moment I can't leave Google alone; removing links are a difficult task on Mr. Assistant's shoulders. Uncle Larry and I can't alone him, so I stay in Goog for a while, plus I have some plans, such as : traveling, searching, studying, inventing , swimming, shopping and so on. I need more time for thinking. '

Martin laughs, " OK, you can think more and more."

Larry is depressed, it's quite obvious that Parmis wants to stay in Google, Larry needs a new plan for dismissing her.

Sweet moments

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