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Thursday, July 3, 2014

I'm a Good Girl, Mom !

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G-o-o-oal! The football swirls , and rolls on the rug, passes under the table, hits the big vase , and breaks it.

Standing up on the sofa, she stares at the broken vase with mouth hanging open, wide-eyed,  that her mom jumps out of the office with nervousness. and shouts :" what happened?"

Parmis is a little scared , and says with embarrassment :" nothing, only the vase is broken."

The mum looks around the room : the football is leaning against the wall, smiling , and pieces of broken vase break her heart. She weeps : " your dad loved it."

Parmis's eyes shift from the vase to the mom's face, and then stares at the ball , sadly ," sorry, mom."

The mom:" Just Sorry!! I had told you before , that here is room not stadium. I'm tired of you. I try to be friendly , and do what you want , but you don't grasp me. We're here only for you, but---. "

Parmis interrupts her word , says , grinning  ," what? just for me!!!, " she gazes at her mother for one or two minutes , and continues ," Mom, you forget something, here is the dad's house , our home!! we always come here in summer; last year you had to write , and we stayed in Island, tell me who understood you? "

Parmis smirks, and continues ," friendly? kind? I always try to be a good kid, and  not to get you into trouble. You don't grasp my worth." She cries :" If you understood me, we were in Brazil now. I have to work in Google, while my friends take photo with players in Brazil . you are cruel. "

The mom freezes for a while, then says with embarrassment ," Uh, I didn't mean that, dear .",  she embraces Parmis  , " Yes, you're right, I'm forgetful. please, forgive me. You're my treasure, and I truly know your worth."

The mom kisses the daughter , and continues ," We'll fly to Brazil soon, but at first I should finish my story. It'll  finish  until Thursday, and about Google. No one request that you work in Google, you wanted it yourselves, and  your uncle accepted , because they like you. Hence, no one likes trouble ."

Parmis screams, " I'm bothering them???"

The mom says, smiling , " No, I'm just kidding, but you can play in the park instead of going to Google."

Parmis:" working in Google is funny, I've learned a few codes.  Because I'm very intelligent , soon I will be a web developer, plus Google has a big garden, I can play there , anytime I want . Forget this, mom. When will fly to Brazil ?"

While the mum enters the kitchen , replies, " soon ."

Parmis jumps up and down, kisses the football , and sings, happily.
It's really exciting , that  she can watch World cup in Stadium , while only one of her classmates, Carlos, is in Brazil, although Tina and Martin are going to join her, later.

The mother picks up a broom,  the aroma of chocolate cake swirls in the kitchen, she looks around her carefully ,but everything is right, she shouts " Have you made a chocolate cake, Parmis?"

Parmis says, " Yes, I have. "
The mom, smiling, " Where is  my share?"
Parmis, " I'm sorry, that cake is for Uncle Larry. "
Her mom frowns , and says , " Do you like him more than me?"
Parmis, laughing," No, I love you, mom, but I can't give it to you."
The mom smirks, puts the broom aside, and opens the refrigerator.


 Dotted Google

The beautiful moon shines brightly, and stars such as light dots
​twinkle ​
in the sky. Parmis watches them, and thinking about the next day
her delicious cake , and dots.

A few days ago , she entered Gd's office ,
Uncle GD
was drawing a new doodle, Parmis said hello, and put a paper on his desk
. Uncle GD​
stopped drawing, and stared at
paper with surprise, " Wow! A lot of dots???

Parmis nodded , and said
, " May you turn my drawing into an animation , please?"
​ ​
GD: " Why?"
---Parmis:" It's a
​gift ​
for Uncle Larry."
---GD replied, laughing : " Uh, I'm truly sorry, but I like
my job."

Tearful Parmis looked at into his eyes , and said
​ with sadness​
," even more than me???"

GD began to
​weep ​
:" Please, Don't cry, baby!
​It's hard to me to see children tears, I'll make it."

was jumping up and down with excitement, and said, ​
" Thank you uncle. Don't worry, Uncle Larry is very friendly, he never
​oust ​
you, but if he will do it, I'll engage you: My blog needs a good painter
like you. "

​ ​
GD: "
​ Nimble!" , and laughed a lot....

Happy 4th of July




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