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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Have You Tried This New App?

T-shirt Message

The airplane touches down at the Vancouver Airport around 10 o'clock, and its passengers exit, three familiar faces can be seen among them: Little Martin and his happy parents.

" I feel light as a feather." Martin's father says as he crosses the jet bridge, a bright smile emerges on the woman's face, she admires her charming man, " Oh, Mike! You look more attractive now." Martin begins giggling, the mother throws her arm around the son's shoulders, and proudly says to her husband," Our son is Really a genius at computing."

Martin's cheeks glows with embarrassment, the little boy is wearing a white T-shirt with a pair of blue skinny jeans, he seems to be a computer nerd because of his plastic glasses, and the message on his T-shirt admits this guess: " Say Hello to Feetch."

Martin is watching around him, the airport is very noisy and busy as many people travel to Canada for watching the Women's World Cup; a crowd of blond girls waving the flags of USA are at the center of attention, likely they are U.S. team supporters, the match will be held tomorrow, Martin smiles because Parmis is supposed to arrive in Vancouver on the same day.

Missed Calls

Quick as a flash Martin pulls out his smartphone, his mother asks, " Who are you calling?" Martin replies, " Parmis.. I want to say that we are in Canada." his parents look at each other and laugh.

A few short beeps .... then the call connects for a split second, Martin can hear Parmis's shout for help, then the call disconnects, Martin cries, " Parmis, Parmis, what's happened? Are you OK? ", silence... there is no answer and Martin can't get the number again; though he is disappointed, he keeps phoning that a football is shot at him, after touching his white soccer cleats, it stops just 5 inches away from Martin.

What A Warm Welcome!

The daddy, " Look! The Thomsons are here!" Martin's look turns to where his daddy pointing at, and sees Herr and Frau Thomson who wave their hands at them; and Sabine whom has a bar of chocolate in her left hand, and a model plane in the other hand, Sabine is jumping about, and shouting, " Hr. Martin ... Mr. Martin." ; and Julius whom comes running towards him; and Renate, that Angry bird standing with crossed arms, looking angry like before. The siblings are dressed alike, they all have Germany soccer Jerseys.

A few minutes later, the two families have joined together, and they are busy with greeting . Hr. Thomson asks, " Why today? I thought that you would come tomorrow morning."
Martin's daddy, "Yeah, but Martin got through his work last night, so we flew. Have you heard about his new app?"

Hr. Thomson puts his hand on his friend's shoulder, grinning: " Right now, I see it-- Mike! you look at least 10 years younger."

Martin's daddy, " Oh, thanks...well, I have a smart boy. "

Martin is still busy with his smartphone as Hr. Thomson strokes his hair, " Excellent, the other success... I congratulate you."

Martin responds, smiling, " Thanks , it was so easy that everyone could make." Hr.Thomson, " No, You are really wonderful."

Sabine shows Martin her plane, " Do you know that we have a private jet?" Julius's eyes shine, " By flying around the Canada we watched all the matches ." Martin's look shifts from Julius's happy face to Sabine's model plane, he smiles at the little girl, " How pretty, Lucky you!"

Renate glances at her watch, shout , " Come on, we have to leave right now, it's getting late.... have you forgotten? the interviewers are waiting."

As soon as Martin hears this, his eyes grow large and his mouth drops open in surprise, " What are you talking about?"

Hr. Thomson laughs, " Well, we arranged a news conference-- you'd better introduce your new application to people."
Martin's eyes grow larger " What? right away? "
Hr. Thomson nods, " Why not?"
Martin's mother brings a soft smile on her face, " How soon! we just arrived."
Renate's mom , " We have little time, the match will start at 3 o'clock."
Martin's family checks their watches, then their eyebrows are raised in surprise, Martin's mom says, grinning, " We have enough time, now it's 10 ."

Renate replies impatiently, " No, it's 12."
Martin checks the time once again, " No, your watch is fast, It's is exactly ten past ten by my watch."

Julius mentions, " The match will be held in Winnipeg."
Renate adds, smirking, " Yes, it's in other time zone, now it's 12 in Winnipeg time, so we have to fly after news conference at once."
Martin, " sorry, we have to put off it, I can't come."
Martin's daddy, " why not? what is the problem? I thought the app worked well."
Martin," No, there is no problem with that-- just for Parmis ... Daddy! we should wait for her till tomorrow."

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