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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Step 1: Sift Flour

How can I get to the Coffee shop?

Flora leaves the trailer in the parking lot of the Glass tower, gets into the elevator hastily, and goes up to the ice-cream shop happily, but she can't get in, the shop is protected by armed guards.

Ignoring the men, she walks firmly towards the entrance, and shrieks at the guards, " Please get out of my way."
The first guard says, grinning, " Children under 16 are not admitted, how old are you , Ma'am? "

The woman bites her lip, and takes a step forward, the second guard who is a girl shoves her, " Stop! No one can be admitted to the studio, Ma'am."
Gloria bursts into laughter, " Studio? You must be kidding -- who's said this, Sergey?"

The third guard, " No, Ma'am, the TV producer."
Flora's eyes grow large in surprise, " What? But I must go in-- my daughter needs my help, she doesn't know how to cook pancakes, " she begs the girl, " Have a heart, let me enter the shop, this is my own shop, I can treat you all for a year ."

The guards shake their heads, say together, " We're actually Sorry, Ma'am-- This is a rule and you're no exception."

Flora stares at them for one minute or two, then asks politely, " Oh, I see you can't break the rule, so tell me how can I get in?"

A soft smile emerges on the guards' faces, Flora pulls out a $ 100, " How much is admission?"
The first guard shakes his head sadly, " It's illegal -- No entry, Get off."
The girl grumbles in a calmer voice, " How Mean! Only $ 100? her daughter will lose." 

Flora clenches her fists, she likes to punch her in the beautiful nose, but it is no time to fight as Gloria needs her mom. Flora lets out a small sigh, " So I leave you alone, bye," and turns her attention to the left, at the point the first guard smiles , as if he's reading the woman's mind.

" I never try the personnel entry if I were you, it's protected too-- Wait a little, finally the TV program will end." the first guard says as he guides Flora towards the elevator.

Flora looks him in the eye, " See me, I'll get into the shop right now, " and begins screaming loudly, " Help, Help!"

The girl puts her hand tightly on Flora's mouth, and pushes her into the elevator, then points at the handcuffs, " I can handcuff you, Ma'am -- Now Go off , and Don't try to enter the building, unless you will be arrested."

The elevator starts going down quickly, while the three guards are laughing at that distracted mother.

Step 1: Sift Flour

In the kitchen Gloria is sifting the flour into a bowl, and Sergey keeps talking to   to attract the audiences' attention; however, all the audiences are asleep but a nice lady at the nearest table; the TV producer's face gets redder and redder after checking his wrist watch, " It's exactly 11,and she's still sifting."

The TV director, " This was 300th times."
The TV producer, " Are you counting? "
The director nods, " Yeah, but it's your fault, you should have canceled the show after Larry hadn't come."

The producer, " That's right, but It wasn't my fault, Sergey was recommended by the real host, Larry."

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