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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The children are no trouble at all

The trailer stopped by the side of the road which stretches for miles, Flora pushes her hair behind her ears at first, then calls Gloria, beep beep beep and silence; Flora bites her lip, keeps on calling, but no answer, just three beeps and silence over and over again, she raise her voice, " Oh My God, why this girl doesn't reply? ... I wish Rocky were here... what a mess, four missing children! ... their mother will kill us ... uh, my beautiful day got ruined... yes, yest, it was my fault , I shouldn't have allowed them to go ballooning. "

Flora looks upward from the windshield, the sky is clean and clear-- no smoke, it means that the hot-air-balloon hasn't caught fire yet, Flora takes a deep breath, " Thank God! there's still hope", she tries to call Sergey, however there is no hope with him, his smartphone is always off.

Fear creeps into her mind, and she breaks out in a cold sweat, then appears a look of indecision on her face, she doesn't know what to do, the woman props against the steering wheel, and checks the radio afresh: no signal, and the time is exactly 20 minutes to 11, Flora goes pale, it is awful! the balloon and its passengers have got lost for over a half an hour, she has no time, she should ask for help.

" I wish you were here, Rocky." Flora moans as she wants to call 911, she presses the green button; anyway, Flora doesn't keep waiting for reply, because something strange has stolen her attention: one signal, yes, there is a signal on the GPS system in the car, GPS has tracked Uncle Larry's smartphone location on the harbor, Flora lets out a loud shriek with laughter, " Larry's phone -- May they be still alive? how strange that the balloon has drifted towards the harbor! "

Smiling, she calls Uncle Larry, beep beep beep and silence, Flora punches the steering wheel for several times in anger, then calls again, no one answers, the last glimmer of hope disappears ... beep beep beep ... A killing wait and the woman who dislikes waiting.

Going on call Larry, she starts the trailer in despair, and heads for the harbor; the trailer is going along the wooded road quickly as the silence is broken; at last Larry responds his smartphone. The trucker screams with laughter, and pulls over smoothly.

Flora, " Larry, That is you?"
Larry, " Yeah, it's Larry ... that is you, .. Lo..ra? "

Flora, " Oh yes, Why has your voice changed?"
Larry, " No, this is my own voice, but the wind is blowing hard, and the harbor is overcrowded too ... I can't even hear your voice clearly."

---, " Is the balloon safe?"
---, " Yeah, they're sound and safe... with my friend."

--, " Great! then why did you answer so late?"
--, " Sorry, I was asleep."

--, " Never mind, how are the girls? "
--, " Fine, they are with Julia."
Flora's eyes grow large in surprise as her adorable grandchild was on the beach, " Julia? is she in the shore?" 

Larry says in a calmer voice, " Don't worry, Honey, she said goodbye to the girls now ... Are you sitting in the coffee shop now?"

Flora, " No, in the car, I'll be there in ten minutes."
Larry, " No, No, Don't come here, Honey! I'm going.. we're going to look the missing freezer right away , Stay at the coffee-shop, I'll back a week later, we--" 

The phone gets cut off, now the GPS system shows its new location, floating across the Pacific Ocean, Flora giggles and texts a message to Gloria, " Dear Gloria! There is no dangerous, the balloon and its passengers are fine, a few minutes ago Larry and the girls went to search for Parmis's freezer, and they'll return after a week." 

Gloria and Sergey are in the kitchen as Gloria receives the message, Sergey is puzzled, " That freezer is nearly empty, then why has gone Larry?"

Gloria laughs, " I don't know... well, maybe Parmis will interview the gem-seekers."

Sergey smirks, " The children are no trouble at all."

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