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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Don't be Evil

Rabbit Burrow

The door led to a tunnel. That narrow tunnel was in complete darkness. At once Uncle Larry tapped the "Torch" icon to turn on his Nexus flashlight.

"Isn't it odd that there are no lights here?" Mr. Assistant asked, his eyes darting around like a frightened rabbit.
Uncle Larry laughed, "No, it's not. Parmis is mad about horror films."
_ "She's watching us now, isn't she?" the assistant asked as he turned on his Nexus flashlight.
Uncle Larry nodded his head, "Absolutely."
_ "You are an evil girl, Parmis." Mr. Assistant shouted loudly, making a face hidden camera.

They walked down that long tunnel in silence. Their footsteps echoed loudly on the bare metal floor. Although their flashlights were bright enough to find their way, Mr. Assistant was so frightened that his mind went blank, and he began to crack jokes about Apple, Yahoo, Amazon and Facebook. His jokes raised a big laugh, killed all those Micro-frights like a Soft drink and booted up his mind operating system again. He felt calm, as if he was at Google.

Then the tunnel forked in two direction. Left or Right? The men decided to split up. Uncle Larry took the right fork, and Mr. Assistant got into the left-hand passageway.

He walked tentatively down the tunnel with his basket, tapping his Nexus flashlight on and off. As he noticed a chink of light near the end of the tunnel, his heart began beating faster. A door was there, the wooden door was ajar.

Mr. Assistant stopped to peer into the room through the door. No one was there, a slow smile played on his lips. He tried to go in, but he couldn't. At that point, he felt a hand on his shoulder, Mr. Assistant quickly looked around and saw his friend there.

Uncle Larry smiled at him, "I'm sorry if I'm scared you," he resumed, "I found a room over there, it was locked though," he sniffed the air, "How odd! I can smell garlic, by the way, why don't you enter the room?"

Mr. Assistant replied, "The door is stuck, it seems that the garlic was heaped up behind the door... Can you lend a hand?"
Uncle Larry nodded quietly.
Then, Both men pushed the door with all their strength. As that huge pile of garlic flopped onto the floor, the door flew open and the garlic waft greeted them.

Snowy Room
The large square room was decorated with the winter color: Pure white. Like the clean snow, the garlic bulbs lay seven inches deep on the floor and rustled beneath their feet.

There was Parmis's Art workshop, the easel which was standing in the center of the snowy room showed this.

"So we've come here to paint. May you know how to draw a garlic bulb, " said the assistant, pointing at the easel. After a long sigh, he added, "I wish GD were here."
All at once the door crashed shut, a key turned in the lock of the door, and the room grew colder.
Uncle Larry laughed, "In my view, we are snowed in here together forever."

Mr. Assistant's eyes grew wide, "Oh no, I miss home."
Uncle Larry waved his magic wand, "Don't worry, guy. I have a paintbrush, so I'll paint a garlic bulb for you. Now tell me where the paints are."
Mr. Assistant shrugged, "I have no idea."

No palettes, No paints were there. Uncle Larry scanned quickly around: the art workshop was fully lit by the big candles which were on a long table. The table was leaning against the north wall of the room. Uncle Larry smiled at those forty three candles shining in the glass candle holders.

The golden glow of the candles were doubled by an enormous mirror on the opposite wall. There was a message in Parmis's handwriting: Good Luck!

On the east wall was a mural of spring. The west wall was hung with seven paintings of a snowman. Uncle Larry's eyes shifted from canvas to canvas, then drifted to the snowman made of the garlic bulbs.

The candles light glittered brightly on the snowman. Uncle Larry walked confidently towards it, next he removed a garlic bulb from the pile, and then another one, he continued in this way.

As the snowman melted, the Double Bass that Parmis had hidden under the stack of garlic was revealed.

A Double Bass!! The eyebrow arched up in a question. Mr. Assistant asked, "Then we've come here to play?"
Uncle Larry glanced at the paintbrush, "I don't think so."

Mr. Assistant looked slowly round the room: the burning candles, snowy garlic, locked door, and giant violin smirked at him. Uncle Larry giggled, "It's so cold- I think it's going to snow."
The assistant cried, "I don't let her snow me with promising wonderful stories."

Mr. Assistant is really lovely. However, at that moment he was actually weary and hungry, his hands were like ice, Mr. Assistant couldn't stand playing "Hide-and-Seek" any more, he thought about being at home, that is why he lost his temper, dropped his basket onto the floor, stamped, and shouted, "Hey, Hey! Open this door, I miss home. Plus, I neither know how to sing nor know how to dance.    Do you understand, Parmis? I won't  dance. Let me return home, my family must be worried about me, " finally he fired aimlessly, "Don't be Evil, Don't be Evil!"

Don't be EVIL! These words missed Parmis, swirled around the assistant, went higher and higher, until they hit the ceiling. Crack!
A line appeared on the colored eggs, the flame of candles began to dance.
Mr. Assistant looked up and froze, his mouth dropping open.

 Uncle Larry didn't notice what happened, he thought about the double bass. Then the second crunching noise came from the ceiling, and made him look up.

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