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Sunday, August 21, 2016

We'll be soon home!

Shah Tahmasp I and Humayun. From Chehel Sotoun palace, Isfahan  

     See What Happens

The passageway was pretty lit as Uncle Larry turned his Nexus flashlight on. He breathed deeply, "Here is better. I felt I was stifling in that room." Mr. Assistant asked,
"Is it a long way from here to the next door?"
"No, It's only a five-minute walk. Now I can open the lock." Uncle Larry responded as he walked up the tunnel. Mr. Assistant looked surprised, "With the same golden key? but it doesn't seem like a master key."
Uncle Larry stopped to take a plastic card out of his pocket. He showed the card to his friend, "No, it doesn't. The door will open with this card."
Mr. Assistant took the card, "Where did you find this card?"
--, "On the right-hand tunnel, I found it beside the touchscreen keypad."
Mr. Assistant looked the card closely. The card was deep chocolate with words "هفت‌سین پارمیس" on.
"Why did you unlock the lock?" the assistant asked.
--, "Because I didn't know the password."
--, "You know it now?"
Uncle Larry nodded quietly.
 Mr. Assistant asked, "What does this Persian script mean?"
--, "HaftsinParmis means Parmis's Haft-seen."
_, "It wasn't password, was it?"
Uncle Larry shook his head, "No, it wasn't. The password is the same drawing on the tablet. It's a thirteen digit code." "
Mr. Assistant smiled, "Oh, then there is a link between the writing on the card and the drawing, isn't it?"
Uncle Larry, "That's right."
After a few seconds Mr. Assistant seemed so excited, "Yes, now I know, the password starts with the letter H, then it must be House Cleaning."
Uncle Larry, "That's right. Excellent!"
As they reached the other door, Uncle Larry inserted the card into the slot and Mr. Assistant cried, "OMG, help us, what will happen? I wouldn't be surprised if dragons rain down."
"Don't worry, It may be an elevator." Uncle Larry said with a laugh.
_, "Really? Are you sure?"
_, "No, it's just a guess. However, we'll get in whatever happens." Uncle Larry said and began to enter the thirteen digit code carefully: 4687325326464. When the last figure was entered, the green LED flashed, the elevator dinged and the door opened.

Yes, It was a real elevator. Mr. Assistant giggled and stepped in. The men were so surprised with a bunch of hyacinth flowers lying on the floor. Uncle Larry picked up the flowers and smelled.The elevator dinged and the door began to close.

Uncle Larry leaned against the wall, and Mr. Assistant dusted some glitter and confetti from his clothes as the elevator started to move.

The air was filled with aroma of fresh flowers, Uncle Larry shut his eyes, thought about his adventures and presents.

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