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Monday, August 8, 2016

Stay Hungry!

Mr. Assistant is really lovely. However, at that moment he was actually weary and hungry, his hands were like ice, too.

Mr. Assistant couldn't stand playing the Hide-and-Seek any more, he thought about being at home. That is why he lost his temper, he dropped his basket onto the floor, stamped, and shouted, "Hey, Hey! Open this door, Parmis. I miss home. Plus, I neither know how to sing nor dance.                Do you understand, Parmis? I won't  dance. Let me return home, my family must be worried about me."

Uncle Larry shouted at him, "Play it cool! It's nothing happened, we'll be home before long. You've taken the play very serious."

Mr. Assistant glowed with embarrassment, "I'm sorry, but I have no time for Hide-and-Seek. I have to leave right away; my popular TV commercial will start in twelve minutes."

Uncle Larry couldn't help laughing at him. Mr. Assistant narrowed his eyes at him, "Don't laugh, Larry. This is very serious. I love ads."

_, "Okay. Please calm down, everything will be OK. We'll leave here Soon."

Mr. Assistant cried, "Oh, Lord, help me.  Soon is too Late for me as I have no time," then he fired aimlessly, "Don't be Evil, Don't be Evil."

The unfriendly words missed Parmis, Swirled in the air, went up and up, then hit the ceiling. Crack!

A line appeared on the colored eggs. The flame of the candles began to dance. Mr. Assistant looked up and froze, his mouth dropping open.

Uncle Larry shook his head sadly, "You let me down. How could you say those terrible words. She's only a kid, don't be evil."

As the second crunching noise came from the ceiling, Uncle Larry started at the painted eggs which had covered the ceiling. Like icicle, bunches of eggs were hanging down from the high ceiling. To see the painted eggs which were as big as a soccer-ball was really a big surprise.

Mr. Assistant found his voice again, "Dino's eggs! I was not expecting a dinosaur."

The other crack appeared in the eggshells. Uncle Larry burst out laughing, "It seems that they're ready to hatch. Have you brought your umbrella? soon it will pour down Dino Rain."

The cracked eggs vibrated and moved closer to the floor. Although, Mr. Assistant frowned, Uncle Larry looked cool, as if nothing had happened. He said calmly, "It seems a little scary. How to stop them?"

Mr. Assistant sniffed the air, "OMG, I smell a bitten apple!"

Uncle Larry's forehead wrinkled in a frown, "Are you Okay?"

A wry smile crept over his face, "Of course. It's too cold, but I'm all right. I thought we were in Apple Inc the instant you asked that question."

_, "How do you mean?"

_, "Tell me how to drop an egg without it breaking? isn't this question familiar to you?" without waiting for Larry's answer, he resumed, "Everyone wants to work for Apple have to know the answer."

Uncle Larry laughed, "Wow, you have a good knowledge of Apple Inc, Excellent! While you smell the familiar smells, I can smell aliens."

Mr. Assistant looked so surprised, "What? Aliens?"

Uncle Larry, "Hmm...yeah... as I was riding down the hill in that giant apple, I came across an amazing robot, and many more questions began buzzing around in my head such as, Could Parmis make this by herself?   I didn't think so. At that point, I could smell Chat well. Next we were trapped into this this rabbit burrow, and I recalled Berlin Zoo and its rabbits---"

Mr. Assistant interrupted him, "Oh, Berlin Zoo, Martin, Sabine and Mino?"

Uncle Larry, "No, Please listen to me. After, one of the rabbits handed its sandwich to Sergey, he tried to like rabbits. Now he has a herd of rabbits. Parmis has a smart assistant."

__, "Mino?"

__, "No, it's very easy. Try to discover a link between the keywords."

Mr. Assistant tried to piece together the puzzle, then said with a laugh, "Now I know! Aliens, Robot, Chat and Rabbits, Sergey is here, isn't he?"

A sweet smile came to Uncle Larry's face, "Maybe, I'm not sure, but I'm certain he's contacted Parmis."

The painted eggs were still coming down. The assistant asked anxiously, " So how to stop them?"

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