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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Don't worry, I'm good at shooting!

The Dino's eggs shook and the roof was lowered about ten inches. "So how to stop them?" Mr. Assistant asked as he began clapping. Uncle Larry looked puzzled, "I'm a little cold, too."
"No, I'm all right. In fact, I'm walking on air, because the TV commercial will be air in six minutes." Mr. Assistant said, laughing.
Uncle Larry stared at the ceiling, "At times I like to hit you. I'm suffocating in the room while you're floating on air," he let out a small sigh, "I wish I had a slingshot."
Mr. Assistant's eyebrows were raised, "A slingshot?"
Uncle Larry walked slowly toward the easel, he stood next to it and looked up at the unsteady eggs. suddenly, his eyes glittered with delight, as if that yellow egg had meant something to him. All the Dino's eggs were unmarked, apart from that one; the yellow egg was marked "7".
"Look, I see a lucky number over there." Uncle Larry shouted, pointing at the egg.
--, "Seven!!"
Uncle Larry nodded, "Yeah, I wish I had a slingshot, because we should shoot at the seven."
Mr. Assistant looked still confused, "Slingshot?       oh no, if you shoot at it, all the eggs will fall off." 
---, "No, we will be lose, unless we shoot it down before the roof reaches over our heads."
__, "Game Over? oh no, can't you do it without a slingshot?"
Uncle Larry shook his head, "No, it seems that you know nothing about this game!" Then he shouted, "Pamris, couldn't you choose another game? you are behind the time."
Mr. Assistant's forehead wrinkled in a frown, "You mean that you shot at sparrows with a slingshot, don't you?"
__, "No, I love animals. "Dino's egg" means "Dynomite Deluxe" to me."
The colored eggs shook and the roof was lowered about ten inches once again. 
Mr. Assistant began to blink constantly, tapping his Nexus flashlight on and off. " Hooray, the TV commercial will be air in two minutes." Mr. Assistant explained.
A bitter smile came to Uncle Larry's lips, he said, "Excellent! watch out, whirling's coming!" Uncle Larry had so happy memories of this game, a few years ago, he spent all his free time playing Dynomite Deluxe. He continued, "Dynomite Deluxe is an old computer game for Windows XP. Parmis calls it "DD". she loves DD a lot. By the way, Don't you like any video games?"

__, "No, it's a waste of time playing video games."
__, "That's right, I forgot you love TV ads."
The sound of the TV commercial resonated in Mr. Assistant's head, he grinned and waved, "Hi!"
__, "Are you okay?"
__, "Yeah, the program starts."
Uncle Larry shook his head sadly, it looked that Mr. Assistant was mad about TV commercials.
Uncle Larry gazed at his paintbrush for a while, it had never crossed his mind that a paintbrush could be his arrow. Just as he raised his hand to throw the paintbrush, the sound of music filled the air, and the bow of the double bass fell over.
 Uncle Larry lowered his hand at once, and turned his attention to the double bass. It hit him that he could use the musical instrument as his weapon.
Uncle Larry walked toward the double bass. Mr. Assistant asked, "What do you have in mind?"
Uncle Larry replied, "Can I use the double bass as a slingshot?"
Mr. Assistant laughed, "It's out of question."
Uncle Larry leaned over and picked up the bow. He checked the bow carefully, and noticed the pure colors on it, "OMG, this is my palette then!" he said.
Mr. Assistant looked surprised, "Do you mean me?"
Uncle Larry pointed at the mirror, "Attention please!" 
A grin spread across Mr. Assistant's face as he recalled Sergey. He turned to the mirror and stared at the Good Luck. The marker with which Parmis had written the message was Green.

Uncle Larry said, "Now it looks quite obvious, doesn't it? We have to paint "7" green by shooting the paintbrush at the yellow egg... Any question? So let's try, but we must move the double bass first."
Mr. Assistant lifted the double bass off the floor, and placed it under the marked egg, right beside the easel. As soon as the double bass was standing on the floor, the roof began descending at slow speed, while the colored eggs were shaking sharply. 
Mr. Assistant cried, "OMG! Any minute now, the Dino's eggs are going to hatch."
Uncle Larry smiled, " Don't worry, we'll win."

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