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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Game Over!

He began mixing light green- meanwhile, his assistant was tuning the double bass to shooting. When the bristles of the paintbrush were dressed all in green, Uncle Larry turned to his assistant, "Is it set?"
Mr. Assistant nodded, "Yeah. I twisted together all four strings, because the bass strings weren't strong enough. With One String the double bass works even better."

Uncle Larry thanked and gripped his melodic weapon with his left hand. He placed the paint brush in its new string, and drew back the string.The lower note reverberated in the room.

Mr. Assistant shut his eyes and said in a low voice, "I'm ready, shoot it!"
Uncle Larry took a quick upward look, then aimed and let the arrow fly. A drop of green dripped as the arrow flew away. It touched a red Dino's egg and fell on the ground.

Mr. Assistant opened his eyes slowly, "What happened? You've failed?"
Uncle Larry sighed, "I'm really sorry. If I had a slingshot, I would hit it."
Mr. Assistant touched him on the shoulder, "Of course, you're the best. It's all Parmis's fault; shooting with a bass is impossible, plus the target isn't fixed."

Uncle Larry looked up at the roof, it was still descending. He picked up the paintbrush and went back to his weapon. Mr. Assistant looked so blue. "Shoot it!" he said in a mellow voice, covering his eyes with his hands.

Uncle Larry was ready for the next shot. First he drew a deep breath, then he pulled the string sharply, and aimed for the yellow egg, but it missed once again.

This time the paint brush brushed against a blue egg and lay on the floor. It was amazing that none of the eggs fell down!

"What happened? Don't tell me that you missed it again." Mr. Assistant asked with his closed eyes. Uncle Larry kept silent, he thought, "It's the bass fault, it plays only lower notes." In fact, nobody could fault the bass ; there was no improvement in his work.

 Mr. Assistant took his hands off. He let out a cold shriek as his eyes fell on the bass, "Oh no, why?"

A flicker of guilt crossed Larry's face. He looked down at his feet and said, "I'm really sorry about the bass. I think the string wasn't strong enough. As I shot the arrow, it was broken."

Mr. Assistant exploded, "OMG, Game over. we've failed. We're losers. Now what happens?". He knelt down next to the bass, shaking like a leaf.

Uncle Larry replied, "I guess we have to fight with the Dinosaurs."
The assistant's face went pale, "OMG, help me, help me, we're going to die."

Uncle Larry looked slowly round the room; the candles were glimmering faintly, the Dino's eggs were shaking sharply, and the room was growing chilly. There was no time to lose, Uncle Larry had to shoot, but how?


He ran his right hand through his hair and said, "I wish I had a hairband or rubber band."
Suddenly the assistant jumped up, "A rubber band?"
Uncle Larry asked happily, "Yeah, do you have one?"

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