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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A simple friendship

Hi, Parmis

    Today I thought about friendship, because Mozilla Fire Fox is 15 now. Our life wouldn't be complete without friends. Once you happened to make friends with  someone, like I and Mozilla Fire Fox. It can happen for everyone and it happened me over and over again; here is my memory about a simple friendship.

    I liked the poem so much. We went to high school from 12 to 5:30 PM and in the morning other students were there. The desks of our school were green and large. You could write on it easily and clean it easily.

    One day I saw a pretty poem on my desk.  I read it and wrote it down on a paper. I guessed who wrote it is like me so I wrote on my desk that, "that poem was very beautiful and I also loved the poem like her". Then I wrote else poem for her. At the next day she wrote me back with another poem

    In this way we became friends without we know together. We wrote the letters everyday. I left my classroom later than other students because I wanted to write my letter. All the students knew our story. They asked me that how I wrote the letters whom I didn't know. They were surprised about it but I liked that way. It was interesting for me.

    Our friendship means sharing and honest. We were real friends, although we didn't know together.

    Finally, one day we saw together in front of our school. She was a kind girl and I felt she was similar to me. I had a notebook that my friends wrote their thoughts and ideas on it. I gave it to her. She and her friends shared me their opinions. Although they were older than me but they talked to me in a friendly way.

    Then summer holidays came, we didn't go to school and our letters finished, but we never forget together. Kindness always begets kindness.

                    With love



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