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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Keyword Basics

Dear Parmis

I must learn about rich keywords so I'm studying about keywords. When I read Adsense Income Blueprint (Gado wager), I saw a link to Wordtracker there. Then I clicked on it and I got a Wordtracker account. I found a great site. They have an excellent tool that suggests a lot of popular keywords. This tool can help you crate a list of relevant keywords for your webpage.

I suggest you got a wordtracker account. You can learn and more...I am interested in wordtracker now. You try it. I'm sure you don't regret.

               Best regards

  Adsense Income Blueprint by Gado Wager
               Keyword Basics by Ken McGaffin
                                             Mal Darwen
                                             Owen Powis


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