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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Social Websites Submissions

            More Social Websites Submissions!
This service works very similarly to SocialAdr but it sets its focus on Social Networking and not on bookmarking sites. Introducing, Faseeo.

Faseeo claims to be a community based SEO tool that enables users to exchange social shares in the most important social sites nowadays: Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

It works like this: "Users submit their own links to our Link Sharing page and offer credits to other members as a reward for sharing. Users can earn FREE credits for sharing others links on their Facebook and Twitter profiles and +1's on Google. The more credits you offer the more likely someone is to share your link." (Taken from Faseeo Frequently Asked Questions)

So, as you can see, when you join this service and add your Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus accounts you can share other people's URL's and earn credits so your own links can be shared as well.

This is a strategy to keep in your link building plan due to the many studies showing how important social popularity and relevancy have become for search engine rankings.

For people that don't have enough time to participate in sharing links Faseeo offers some packages so that they can buy shares for their websites. As a new member you get 10 points so you can try the service before participating actively in the community.

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