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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Write RTL

Dear Parmis
Some people say: "Soon an earthquake is coming here." Is it possible to know, when an earthquake is coming? Maybe it is, but I don't know.
Because we can't run away, then it's better, we're trying to make happy moments. So I tell you a memory again (but not about earthquake).
I am interested in HTML & CSS codes. Once in a while I write CSS and see this code: text-direction, I remember my first spelling.
While I was a little girl, I liked to learn writing and reading. My brother taught me writing a little. I learned some words but I had a problem. My mother and brother were kidding me about it.
Then it was time for me to go to school. I liked my school, my teacher and lessons.
One day our teacher told us: "write what I say on your notebooks." She told us some words and we wrote them on our papers. 
I was so happy because I knew all the words. Then she took our notebooks for marking them. I looked forward to see my mark.     I thought  my mark is the best (20).
But when I received my dictation my mouth dropped open, I was shocked.          I didn't know what to do at that time.
While I was crying I came back home. When my mother and brother saw my spelling, they couldn't help laughing. They were not surprised. Do you know its reason?
My mother told me: "You write like the past, on the contrary." 
Well, they were right. I knew all the words but I wrote letters from left to right,  I opened my books and my notebooks from left also I wrote from left side my notebook. This was my problem. In Persian we write letters from right to left. But I wrote on the contrary.
That time I was so sad. I liked to get the best mark with moon& star. Our teach gave us the star and moon for the best mark. Then I decided to write correctly.   I wrote from right to left and I got the best mark with moon& star. 
Now, whenever I see text-direction I remember that spelling.
                                        Best Wishes
                                                      (maybe it-earthquake will come) I hope not 


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