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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Free Backlinks Bonanza

Free Social Bookmarking Submissions

Social bookmarking sites have been very popular among link builders
because they are effective as part of a whole link building strategy.
They don't work as they used to because Google has got smarter when
recognizing a marketer's attempt to manipulate search results. But you
may still need to use bookmarking sites when building links just to
make everything seem more natural on Google's eyes.

Some experts think that, since bookmarks are sent by humans, Google
and other search engines might consider natural and relevant that a
good enough (or interesting, funny or entertaining enough) website has
links pointing to it from social bookmarking sites.

So, you'd want build backlinks from these kinds of sites but you
shouldn't pay for them, right? 

Then go to SocialAdr and open a free account:

I rate this service very high for three main reasons:

• It's free to join and use
• It's very user-friendly and automated (nothing to install in your computer)
• It helps with rankings due to the variety of links you will get

Regarding the last point, I have to make clear that variety here means
many different sites. Although all of them are social sites, you could
get backlinks from high quality and high traffic sources like:

• Facebook
• Google Plus
• Twitter
• And many other social networking, bookmarking and micro blogging websites.

This system works in a very simple straightforward way:
You join, add your own social sites details, share users websites to
gain credits and your websites get shared as well.

So my first and most valuable advice here is adding as many social
accounts you have, and share websites every day. This will take you
literally one minute since there's an option to share with a click of
your mouse.

When you have earned enough credits you can start sending your own
URL's so others users can share them with their social accounts.

One more social bookmarking service that may be worth joining is at

It's also very easy to use and it will let you build 25 links a day to
your website. It used to be free but they are now requiring the
one-time very low fee of US$7. So you pay once and can use it forever
(so it's almost free).

Best regards



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