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Monday, April 29, 2013

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Again, article marketing hasn't changed much. What worked in the area of article marketing in the past, still works today – except that the announcement lists aren't as effective for getting your article out.


There have been many attempts, however, to change article marketing, in terms of writing and distributing. Some of those new methods are successful, while others are not.


For instance, in recent years, automated submission software has come into the picture. This worked for a while, greatly speeding up the submission process, but most of the top article directories now block such software, and reject articles that are auto submitted. The owners of those directories understand that such software could eventually make article marketing a thing of the past.


There has been software created to help one write articles. While this is useful software, what people don't realize is that it still takes some degree of writing skill to produce a quality article. This software is not 100% effective. What most people do now, if they don't have the writing skills that article marketing demands, is to hire ghostwriters to write their articles for them.


Unfortunately, not everyone who calls themselves a writer actually is. Some of the so-called writers out there have worse writing skills than the person seeking the help! Many don't even speak English.


Hiring a ghostwriter is perfectly acceptable. First, nobody knows that you did not write the article yourself. If you choose a good ghostwriter, you will have quality articles that do what they were meant to do. You will also find that the cost of a ghostwriter is quite reasonable.


Most people hire a ghostwriter and then have the writer write a couple of articles to see how well they do, and then stick with the ghostwriter long term when they see that the ghostwriter can accomplish the task effectively.


In the past year or so, numerous new article repositories have popped up around the Internet. This is due to the release (and sale) of article directory scripts. You see, owning and operating an article directory can make you money. People come to your site to submit their articles to your directory.


Article Marketing Magic by Bertus Engelbrecht


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