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Friday, April 5, 2013

Press Release Traffic

  Press Release Traffic

Press releases can spread your marketing message deep within your market, very quickly, and best of all you can develop a press release absolutely free (or choose to pay for premium service once you've tested the effectiveness of a free campaign).

The objective of a press release is to submit "newsworthy" content, so you want to write your release as if you are introducing a service, submitting important news or an announcement involving your website.

Press releases should "inform" your readers, rather than hard-sell to them, to make sure that you include a detailed description of your website, showcasing the benefits of your new products or services, and driving home the message that you have a solution to your markets current problem or concerns.

Successful press releases all focus around a specific structure or layout, that include:

Who - You must target a specific segment of your market in your press release, in order for it to really communicate with the right audience.

What - What your offer is, what your products or services include, etc.

When - When your offer is available, (such as your website launch, special offer, time limited campaign etc)

Where - Where people can go to find out more information about your offer or company.

Why - Why do people need your offer?  Why should they visit your site?

You need to address all 5 "W's" within your press release in order for it to be thoroughly and accurately targeted towards pushing the "hot buttons" of your target audience. 

You also want to pay attention to choosing a compelling title for your press release, so that it quickly captures attention and indicates to your readers exactly what your release is all about.

Apart from the exposure your press release will receive from distribution, your release may also be syndicated and published by thousands of other websites and RSS services, maximizing your exposure instantly!

Here are the top press release submission services to help you get started:  (paid service)


     Here's to more traffic to your websites!

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