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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Aroma of Haft-Seen-1 ( Search Better ! )

Shaking the House

The house is shaking, the books are falling from the shelves, The furniture is moved on the rug, and the heart of someone who is hiding behind the couch, beating so quickly like a sparrow .

Grandma spins her cotton rag in space, the dust swirls around little Parmis happily, she sneezes. " oh, no! " , she says, her sneeze crushing the kittens' nap.

Armis comes toward her with excitement, and says :" I found you, Parmis! "

Parmis comes out from her den, and tells : " the dust always makes me sneeze."

Grandma tells:" why don't you play in the garden?"

Parmis pointed at the cluttered room and answers :" here's the best place for hide-and-seek."

Spring Cleaning

Grandma's house is always clean and neat, but now it is so cluttered up because of " Spring cleaning".

 A few Weeks later Nowruz ( " Iranian's New Year") will come, so grandma cleans her house like other Iranians, of course her daughters and her grandchildren (!!!) help her.

Find her den

Parmis asks Armis: " Where's Mino?" Armis replies :  " I don't know . I've not found her yet."
For a few seconds they stare at each other , then run into the kitchen.

The mom's mop is dancing on the white marble cheerfully. " What a shining floor !" ,Parmis says.

Armis opens the door of the  refrigerator , looks at inside it, and then shakes her head.

Some minutes later the little girls leave their footprints on the white marble , and leave the kitchen with disappointment , Mino is neither inside the refrigerator , nor inside the washing machine, so they should seek another site.

They search for Mino everywhere , under the bed , inside the closets , even inside fireplace, but Mino is nowhere.

Aunt Lili puts her rubber gloves off , and looks at their with surprise . " what are you doing? She says.

They tell the truth, Mino's mom gets worried about her daughter ; the children head for the door , the moms chase them.

I play the game Better than anyone

It's so dismal, aunt Sami's broom and the ground are singing a loving song together.
​ All they enter the underground , and seek it carefully.

 Finally they find Mino inside an older closet, her tearful mom clutches her in her arms.​
​ Fortunately, she is alive, but not very well. she needs fresh air.

A few minutes later, she gets better and tells slowly :" I'm expert on Hide-and-Seek , no one can find me, even Google."

Smiling Parmis tells : " She is no Page Rank." ​

​The Children laugh, and the moms grumble.

" Preparing the house for coming spring in Iran is called : " Spring cleaning "

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