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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Windows, Hearts and Writing on Clouds-2 ( These Clouds bridge...)

Can You Keep a Secret?

Well, Parmis guesses that Uncle Larry is on the line, she gets up angrily, picks up the phone for speaking to Uncle Larry.

Larry: " where are you? why don't you pick up the phone?"
Parmis:" Sorry, we were watching " The 86 Academy Awards ceremony " , it was really wonderful. do you want to speak to my mom?"

suddenly Larry remembers another terrible thing , yes He should talk to the lazy writer but not now, he tells :" where is your mom?"

Parmis shouts :" She's standing at the window, and watching the play of the Sun with shadows. "
Larry gets terribly angry: " what?  she drives me mad ... I'll talk to her, later . I have a good news for you. would you like to hear it?"
Parmis : " sure, tell me."

Larry:" but it's top secret, can you keep this mystery ?"
Parmis:" I'm the best confidant in the world. I'm a little devil who faithful to secrets of fairies."

Larry smiles, and speaks on his new invention, his prediction turns out to be correct . Parmis is really excited : " Wow! A Flying Machine, Like Leonardo's flying machine, I've read its story, Leonardo da Vinci  invented a flying machine , and then his students tried to fly with it. one time Marco and second time Zola, but it didn't work. I always like to complete his invention, now you did it. that sounds fun, excellent! "

Larry laughs and says : " well, my machine isn't exactly like Leonardo's machine, but I hope it will work. would you like to see it?"

Parmis : " sure, but not now. I missed most of my classes this term , so I had to study harder until Nowruze , and at that time we will travel to Iran."

Iran? yes, what Parmis says is true; Parmis's mom is Iranian , and Nowruz is new year in Iran,for this reason every year her family travels to Iran.

Parmis can't see Larry's flying machine very soon , she has to await to see the invention of her uncle, and probably it isn't the good news for Larry , but he's an inventor and they usually are so patient.

Parmis asks about Uncle Sergey: " How is he? is he still depressed ? he doesn't come for chatting these days. I'm worried about him."
Larry:" oh, I can't stand him. he doesn't feel like working at all, I want to escapes here.  Anything is not right. Sergey, the writers and the hearts."

Parmis:" Don't worry, uncle . I'll talk to the lazy writer. Please, take care of Uncle Sergey. He is a heart-broken . Don't allow him looking at full moon , he will be more lover. "

Larry: " OK, I know that how to miss the love is hard , and  mending a broken heart takes much time. I'm not worried, because I know him, he's so powerful...well, talk soon, bye. "

Maybe there's hope

The mom looks at Parmis sadly , Parmis runs towards her , hugs her, and says : " Sorry, I should not tell the lie, it's so bad. isn't it?" the mom smiled at her. Parmis continues to speak : " Why don't  you write anything , Uncle Larry is very angry ?"

Her mom tells her:" well, I have some problems these days. One of my computers doesn't work, my editor gets lost , and my ideas ; the lights turn off.
Parmis likes helping others, so she says:" I like to help you. talk to me about your difficulties."

The mom:" well, I always wrote my stories by that computer, because it had the Microsoft Office programs , so I could edit my writings easily with it. now I don't have any editors; that computer doesn't work , and my friend who edited some my stories gets lost, now what should I do ?"

Parmis :" it's easy. install a word 2013 on this one?"
The mom:" I can do it, but I don't want that my computer will be slower than this. As the hard disk space is limited ,and I have many programs and a lot of photos , eBooks on my desktop. I don't like to delete them"

I Write on the Clouds

Oh, what she says is true, she is addicted to gather photos. Parmis thinks for a few minutes and tells her:" why don't you use of Google Drive?

 Google drive gives you 15GB free space that you access it from anywhere. It has a lot of apps , such as : document , drawing, spreadsheet, presentation, form, Loupe collage and so on. I always draws by drawing. "

Her mom  clicks on Google Drive. she gets started with Google Drive, working with it is really easy, everyone can do.

She also finds office online & OneDrive ( with 7 GB free Space) at Microsoft office site;The stories written on the clouds. that's wonderful!  Now  She has enough space for storing her data , so one of her problem is solved.

Although , the mom is still a little sad because of missing her friend , but Parmis gets a little excited, she doesn't like Mr. editor, and hopes he never returns. Why?

Parmis is sensitive on her mom , and doesn't like strange men. A few weeks ago  her mom found an online editor; a kind guy, interested in Skype and Parenthesis , but  too lazy. Editing a  short story took more than one week for him, and at the end he returned a half-corrected story.
He read a paragraph and
made the corrections in Parenthesis (Correct), then told :"I understand you, but the story is unclear. well, I have to go to Skype. I'll read next paragraph tomorrow, I love you." He never accomplished his work ,and Parmis hated his last sentence, but her mom said:" he's so sugary! "

Parmis prayed to get lost the sugary man in the ocean until he escaped, and so Now there isn't  anyone more happier than Parmis in the world.

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