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Saturday, March 29, 2014

The aroma of the Haft-seen-2 ( Shine of new shoes on Google Shopping )

Images of Childhood

The window is opened , and the aroma of spring blossoms are blended into an old song.
She's sitting at the desk, tapping on the white sheet with her pen, and listening to her favorite song.

This song always blows her away: " Barghe Kafshe joft shode to gangeha" , she smiles . Her eyes glisten, and all childhood images are refreshed in her mind : The aroma of Nowruz, new dress, and shine of fresh shoes." New shoes, O' my God, we haven't bought the new clothes for the children yet." , she says , then picks up the phone quickly for calling Parmis.

I Love of Shopping but ....

The Children gather in the garden and talking together. Tina and Martin have some curiosity about Nowruz, so Parmis , Armis and Mino explain that what they do in Newruz.
​Parmis's smartphone ​
​is ringing. Parmis answers it :

Parmis: " Hello, mom! "
The mom: " hi, my dear, What are you doing now?"
Parmis : " Nothing , we only speak together."
The mom: " well, then come home right now, we want to go shopping !"
Parmis: " Shopping ??"
The mom:" yes, we should buy the new clothes for New Year."
Parmis : " But I bought a new T-shirt last month , I don't need one another."
The mom:" I know, but wearing the new clothes in Nowruz is an Iranian tradition, so come here at once "
Parmis : " but we can't go shopping right now?"
The mom:" Why?"
Parmis:" because aunt Lili and Sami went to the barber , and our car is too small for nine people ."
The mom:" why Nine people ?"
Parmis :" Grandma, you, me, Armis and her sisters, Mino, Mahta and Kiarash "

The mom pauses for a few moments, she begins to wonder ; taking care of a naughty child like Parmis is really difficult, so imagination of being 7 naughty children in a department store is terrible. They run with each other, hide behind the shelves, fight together , scream and even sometimes they lost, so it's not a good idea to take Parmis and her cousins to the store.

The mom :" OK, what you said is true, we don't go out , but we'll buy our dresses. "
Parmis gets a little surprised and says : " How to buy them?"
The mom:" Go to Google Shopping and select your favorite shoes, then I'll buy it for you, OK?"
Parmis :" OK, bye."

Parmis speaks to the children about Google shopping. They get a little upset, because like to go the Elegant department store ;there is terribly big and crowed , so it is a suitable place for hide-and-seek.

Tina says: " I love online shopping, it's very easy, select your favorite video, press the button  of the "Shop Now", some minutes later your shopping is ready."

Parmis : " yes, it's really simple, before one time I bought a package of website traffic."
Armis laughs and says: " l love that seller , he told us :" only press the button of   " Add to card" " "
Mino: " Me too."

Taste of Nowruz Gift

Parmis comes to Google Shopping , at the first page she sees a Nexus 5 , sighs and tells :
" I like to buy this more than the new shoes. "

Armis : " Don't worry, we'll get plenty of money at Nowruz ."

Smiling Parmis  :" yes, I had forgotten it, we will earn a lot ."

Mino gets excited and tells : "If I get a lot of money, I'll buy a new website with 10000 pages."
Martin laughs , and asks Mino :" Wow! 10,000 pages! Are you kidding?"
Mino: " No, I'm not. I'll buy it soon."
All they stare at Mino with surprise. " It's my mystery , I can't say anything now."

Parmis types in Google search box : " pretty clothes for little girls."

Google shopping's clothes are many more than the Elegant department store, the little girls  watch the beautiful clothes eagerly.

Armis shows Google shortlist and says :" Wow ! how interesting, it has a shortlist! Let's view the pretty clothes, whenever we prefer one of them , click on : " Save to Shortlist" , next it will add to our dreams list, at the end we'll share our options with our moms, how do you think about it ?
All they reply together: " that's a good idea ."

There are two choices in Parmis's shortlist, she shares her list with momani ( Grandma) , aunts and uncles. she doesn't send any emails to her mom , because Parmis always uses of her mom's account.

Driving on the Highway

Sitting at the desk with a lot of crumpled papers around his, he picks up another blank page, and writes down on it somethings, Sergey enters the office with two cups of coffee in his hands, he puts one cup on the desk.

Larry murmurs : " Clouds are my highway . I drive on them faster than the wind.  Don't try to stop me, because I'm The Lord of clouds..." .

" What are you doing?" , Sergey says. Larry:" I try to write a sad song ." Sergey is so amazed , he asks :" a song? I didn't know that you are a songwriter ?" Larry smiles and tells :" No, I'm not . but I want to sing my song on stage for people. "
Sergey:" when will you go on stage?"
Larry: " Probably on Thursday, I've decided to wear Google Glass that day."
Sergey fills with anger and says :" What?? you can't wear Google Glass. "
Larry gets surprised : " Why, Sergey ?"
Tearful Sergey: " Because it's my sign."
Larry: " OK, I won't wear it. please, don't cry. "
Sergey smiles and says:" Thanks Larry, you are the best."
Larry:" I know it."

Sergey says :" oh, an email from Parmis. She has shared her new clothes with us, they are pretty, aren't they? I write this for her right now."
Larry:" Stop ! You shouldn't email to her right now"

Sergey: " why! she is waiting for our emails!"
Larry:" I have to wait for that little girl more then one month , then she can wait for our opinion at least one day."

Sergey laughs and say:" Have a heart , Larry, she is just a child."

Parmis receives a Gmail , her uncles has written: " They are perfect for U ."
Parmis writes: "
Google Shopping is too good to be True , I love it."

          Best Wishes

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