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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Windows, Hearts and Writing on Clouds-1 ( I Love The Movie)

I can't Stand him
by Victor1558

A week passed , and another week. It is quite obvious that Larry's filled with anger, he's  standing behind Sergey for more than one hour , and watching him with open mouth.

Sergey is staring at Love Graph sadly, he sighs , and says : " I fell in love only one time, but I missed my love, oh.."

Bloody hell ! " says Larry, " Do you prepare the report about Google Glass ?"
Sergey turns his head and sees angry Larry. His face gets red ,and shakes his head with embarrassment : " Nope!"
Larry : " That's terrible! You drive me crazy . We have a lot of incomplete projects , and you spend most of your time for plotting hearts. Wake up guy!  She has gone. Forget her. I can't stand you! " ,and heads for the office door furiously.

by loop_oh

She Loves fresh Ideas

Larry needs to relax, so he leaves the office, and drives to  his mysterious workshop. When he arrives  there, gets out his car in quiet.

He gets a fresh breath , and goes into the workshop. His eyes glisten , and a sweet smile emerges.  He touches his love sincerely, his finger  plots a little heart on its body masterly, but a soft wind erases his drawing.

" That's smashing ! surely, Parmis will love it , she likes interesting ideas. I should talk to her about it, that right I tell her." he thinks . Larry picks up his phone to call  Parmis.

I Love This Movie
Standing with a cup of coffee at the window, she's listening to birds' song in the fresh morning. Shining of the golden sun , and playing of the white clouds in the blue sky is dreamy.

 Suddenly a small white heart is walking on the bright sky. " How pretty! " she says.

The phone rings. aroma of hazelnut coffee swirls around the notes, and her heart is beating  terribly fast.

Parmis and Martin are sitting at the computer,  watching "The 86th Academy Awards ceremony " together. Parmis says , smiling : "  Brad Pitt said : " I love this movie" , we should see "12 Years a Slave" , later ."
Martin says with surprise :" The telephone is ringing !"

A big evil grin emerges on Parmis's lips and says : " It's for my mom. I'm sure, someone wants to speak to her ."

Larry wonders: " Why doesn't  Parmis  answer the phone."  Larry can't wait for, so calls again and again.

The Phone is ringing.
"Parmis, can you answer the telephone? I won't here ,if Uncle Larry is , " her mom says.
Martin heads for the door , and says goodbye to Parmis . He leaves them.


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