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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Windows, Hearts, Writing on Clouds-3 ( Express Your Feeling)

We Are Not Crazy, We Express Our Feeling Through Google

"Now, another Love heart !" Sergey says , he types this function:

 5 + (-sqrt(1-x^2-(y-abs(x))^2))*cos(30*((1-x^2-(y-abs(x))^2))), x is from -1 to 1, y is from -1 to 1.5, z is from 1 to 6
in Google Search box, and clicks on search button. A beautiful heart appears on the page, no one even Larry understand him, only math graphs can understand him,oh! out of the window a little girl walks with an ice cream in her hand gladly, Sergey's eyes filled with tears.

Sergey decides to go home, but he neither drives his car, nor takes a  taxi , he's going to go by the subway.

 On the train Sergey sits next to a curious girl . The girl is viewing Sergey with surprise, she thinks : " I think that I've seen he anywhere before, but where???"  Sergey begins to type another function in Google Search , when a love Graph appears , the girl's mouth opens in shock and says :"O' my God!  how do you it ?"

   Sergey explains that it is very easy : only types a function in Google search box .

The girl plots a love heart with cross line , and shouts : " It's my broken heart, Google helps me to express my feeling. Thank Google! "
 All eyes focus on them with amazement, the broken-heart girl stands up, and shows her heart , tearfully : " we aren't crazy, we are lover. Express your feeling with Google !" she says.

Suddenly all lovers on the train gather around Sergey eagerly - When there is a student , teacher will come- yes, Sergey is a teacher now. He has a live class on the New York Subway for math lovers and creative minds. without doubt his class is really crowd , because everyone like to plot a beautiful heart at less than 1 second , and Sergey looks happy.


A Smashing Video by Tina on YouTube
When Tina read this news :"  Sergey Bring Teaches " 3D Graphs Plotting"  on New York Subway"  on internet , decides to make a video about Sergey's expressive hearts class.

Good News The Broken-Heart Girl
The photo of the broken-heart  girl spreads on internet : she beside Sergey with a big Smile. when her boyfriend sees this photo, he explodes. He thinks that his girlfriend falls in Sergey's love, so calls her , and apologizes for his bad behaviors .  They make peace , and decide to stay together forever.

Who Else Wants to Eat A Delicious Ice Cream?

Parmis's mom gets help to write her stories; she tells her family and friends : " everyone gives me a good idea for writing, she/ he will be invited to eat a delicious ice cream."

I want to report an error

When all eyes focus on " 12 Years a Slave " , Mr. Editor reads an old article from New York Times archives, he finds an error on it : Northup's name had been spelled wrong. " That's terrible! " Mr. Editor says. then he picks up the phone,tells the editor of NYT , and says : " I want to report an error !" The NYT's editor says: " if your report is about " 12 Years a Slave", you are late. a twitter user reported that mistake earlier." Mr. Editor despairs , and thinks :" Maybe It's better to return home.", so opens Google mail.

Take your Thoughts serious

Parmis likes to see " Uncle Larry's flying machine" soon . She speaks about the Flying Machine to no one, She's really confidant --- then MT how to know about it ? only SHE KNOWS "--- Parmis will be an inventor like her uncle. Larry says: " inventors are common people like others, but they think about everything carefully, and get their thoughts serious. They are also the patience people. 


After the successful class of the expressive hearts on  New York subway, Sergey comes online for chatting .
He says to Parmis:" I'm thinking about another class , this time about " Google Glass" , and its tuition is a delicious ice cream .

رسم نمودارهای سه بعدی با گوگل

Google smart graphing functionality

Is this Batman equation for real?

​Images by : IM Free, All-Free-Download, Pixabay, Google, MSN, more​

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