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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Do not be drowned in " the Right to be Forgotten" !


Forget ! Forget!

​Carrying a lot of sheets in his hands, he rushes into the office, stands in front of the chairman's desk, gasping, and his tired eyes shift from the black sheets to the blank sheets on it, then freezes at Larry.
He's singing his favorite song: " The Lord of Rings" , his eraser is dancing on Google's links, excitedly.
The disturbed assistant says: " Where should I put these , Larry?"

​Image: pixabay,cc

Larry pauses singing; the remains of his rubber rest next to the Liberty statue picture on the screen. He lifts his head , looks at his assistant's hand and around himself, grinning.

​Image: pixabay, cc

He's drowning in the papers, requests and Rights; I guess everyone likes to be forgotten.
" On the floor! " Larry says.
His Assistant puts the forms on the floor, stands up near them.
Larry:" How many requests have sent, my friend?"
The assistant :" A lot, Larry !",  and continues , smiling : " you give me a pay rise, don't you?"
He nods , frowning, " All right."

Larry picks up his plane-shaped eraser, now it has only one wing, his assistant rushes for the door , happily.

​Image: pixabay,cc

Larry thinks : " " The Right to be Forgotten!?", that's good idea! A Past Washer Machine!? everyone can remove his/her dark past by it. I bet people love it. I should work on it," suddenly the plane-shaped eraser is dropped under the desk, he bends down to pick it up ,that his hand knocks over the cup , and the hazelnut coffee spills on the forms, now they are filled with brown marks. Larry sighs.


Interview? Why not?

Gloria and Sergey are cycling with Glass a long the road. Sergey checks his messages by Glass , " sounds fun! Another interview about self-driving car! when Larry has started to rub out the forgotten links, I do most of the interviews."

Gloria:" You like the interview, don't you?"
Sergey:" Yes, it's exciting, and I love excitement."
Gloria:" Really!?"
Sergey nods , and says : " That's right."
Gloria's eyes glisten, a small smile emerges, " How good! " , then says : " OK Glass, Listen to"

Gloria picks her favorite track from Google play music, " Wow, Great! " , next she starts to pedaling faster and faster;  her ponytail hair waves in the wind, and the bicycle flies in the sky, in a few minutes she overtakes Sergey, and passes him


Sweetheart Glass

Gloria is screaming , " Wow! I won, I love Glass, it makes everything easy: bicycling, driving, running, searching , taking video and even cooking ; last night I wanted to cook some cookies, I placed flour , sugar, egg, milk and butter on the table, mixed them together, then with pastry hands Searched a recipe by Glass , just I said : " OK Glass, Find a recipe for sweetheart, " I couldn't believe it, but Glass found it rapidly !"

Sergey says, laughing :" I believe it, OK Glass makes to live quite easy ! But I think  first you should find the recipe , then  Ingredients combine  . "

Gloria : " Take it easy, Sergey ! during cooking  I took a professional video of my cookery , and shared it instantly to YouTube, all of my friends liked its form! "

Sergey: " Only its form? "

Gloria: " yes, It was too tough , salty and fat , but my family admired me."

A big smile emerges on Sergey's lips, and says: " Don't worry, cookery is quite easy, you will learn it soon , but I don't know you like cooking!?"

Gloria glows , and says with embarrassment : " I'm not interested in cookery, but I'm trying to learn it now . "

Sergey smirks, and says:" Sounds nice! They said: the way to man's heart is through his stomach, have you ever eaten Olivier Salad?"

Gloria : " Never, How?  It's your favorite food?"

Sergey: " I like it very much."

Gloria: "really? I didn't know.  How do you cook Olivier Salad?"

Sergey: "  It's a Russian recipe. We need some boiled potatoes, vegetables, eggs, diced boiled chicken and mayonnaise to make it. This recipe is so simple everyone can make it. Search it by Glass."

Gloria : " All right , I'll make it later, but I think you should change that proverb :" The way to woman's heart is through her stomach, Today many men know how to cook at least one ."

Sergey : " Maybe!!"

Gloria says good bye to Sergey and leaves him alone.

Sergey watches her getting away for a long time , then he is rubbing his hands in excitement, and says: " Gloria is learning cookery, she wants to reach my heart, she loves me," then he's going to interview excitedly.



Surprise Gift

After the interview, Sergey searches : " How to keep my girlfriend happy?"
Glass replies: " Give her a surprise gift! "

Sergey orders a wonderful mixer , and wraps it. He thinks Larry's messy office is the best place to hide the present, so enters there , Larry is napping, Sergey puts the
​gift on the floor , among the papers
, then exits the room slowly.

A few days passes, Sergey is waiting for Gloria's Olivier salad , but there is no news. She uploads a new cooking video to YouTube everyday, but she has brought  nothing for him yet . Sergey wonders :" maybe She wants to be expert , then bring me her cookery ..." .

Sergey needs fresh air, so standing at the window , and enjoys pretty view. The golden sun's shining in the sky , the birds are singing happily , and no one is on the sidewalk. but no, wait a moment! over there !? beside that big tree, oh , No!! he can't believe it. Gloria is hugging a pretty baby, and talking to a young man happily.....

Sergey's eyes are filled with tears, and his knees are shaking again, he can't stand, he closes his eyes. Once more his clear world turns to a dark world.


Google's Guest

Gloria tries to research about Glass, but she can't . The baby is screaming up a storm, maybe she needs food, Gloria opens the baby's bag, and says " We're running out of the baby food, I must go to the store, and you should stay here. "
She kisses baby's hands , the baby laughs.
" Be a good girl until I'll back ! OK?"
She rushes for the door, and the baby starts crying.

​Image: pixabay,cc

The sound of baby scream awakes Larry. He looks at his watch , and says : " Oh my God, I must remove the forgotten links."
Again , he hears that voice, gets up angrily, " What's this voice? it disturbs my silence."
He heads for the door, but his leg hits Sergey's gift, and he falls down on the floor, cries :" What is it? "

On the gift is written : For my sweetheart 

He picks up the package, goes into Gloria's office , frowning.
Tearful Sergey is hugging the baby sitting on the floor. They both are screaming  together, and Larry is leaning against the door , gaping, he thinks :" Am I asleep? is this a dream?"
Gloria pushes the door, Larry is dropped beside the Sergey and the baby.

Gloria is surprised , her face gets red in embarrassment, says :" I'm truly sorry , this is my niece, her mom gone , and  my brother is too busy. For this reason my mom and I take care of her. This morning my mom had an important work , so the brother brought her to Google. Today she's Google's guest, but I promise I won't bring her again, I promise!"

The little girl starts screaming , Sergey laughs , and tearful Larry holds his head between his hands.


Days pass slowly For Children

Parmis has read Uncle Sergey's interview again, she wonders : " Interview, Podcast ! Yes , this is the secret of Success. "

Then she comes on air, Uncle Larry says: " I have no time, Parmis. Don't call me unless your word is important!!"
Parmis: " My work is soooooo important!"
Uncle Larry:" Tell me"
Parmis: " An interview with you"
Uncle Larry:" Are you kidding? I told you that I had no time. I'm sorry, you're  wasting my time away with foolish word!? bye , Parmis."
Parmis: " Please , wait a moment! why are you busy, uncle?"
Larry keeps on to removing angrily. He's decided,  Excellent!

Sergey comes online, he's really happy, Gloria's brother bought a Glass two days ago. He says: Looking after a kid is so easy by Glass, I even went to golf with my baby and Glass. I thanks it." now Gloria is free , and can focus on Glass.

Image: pixabay,cc

Uncle Sergey, smiling : " How are you? Understand Larry! He's so busy, he has to remove a lot of links from Google, he's drowning in links ."
Parmis :" Oh, yes. I've read about it. I know its solution?"
Uncle Sergey with surprise :" really?"

Parmis : " Yes. You need some expert employees. My friends and I love erasing , plus we're expert on it. I erase my mathematics mistakes , ugly drawings and points.  we'll help you and  in return we want an interview with Uncle Larry, it's a good deal, isn't it?"
Uncle Sergey:" Yes. Help us, I'll talk to Larry later, some day he will accept the interview :)"
Parmis:" Do you want to trick me?"
Uncle Sergey: " me ?? no, I'll tell him. Believe me!"


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