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Friday, June 20, 2014

Where are you, Parmis?


We Are In Google

Three little girls practice dance moves in Google's garden, Gloria looks at them with surprise , and asks Sergey : " What are they doing?"
Sergey, grinning ," It's quite obvious , they're dancing."
Gloria's face gets red, and says angrily : " I can see them , Sergey, but why are they practicing ? "
Sergey: " Well, this is Armis's plan for father's day ; she's going to sing , and her friends will dance."

Gloria: " How interesting! these children are very creative." , then thinks : " what's my plan?"

Gloria comes home, says : " OK Glass, Find Oliver Salad recipe. "
Then she begins to makes a delicious Olivier salad. At last she successes ; It's really unique.


    He's open-hearted 

Mino's mom and Mahta head for the door, the mom tells Mino: " We're going shopping. Do you want to come with us?"

Mino is watching " Madagascar Cartoon" on TV, shakes her head, and says : " nope, this is funnier! "

As soon as they leave home, Mino turns off the TV, jumps into the kitchen, takes a look around her, the kitchen is neat and clean, but there are four dirty glasses in the sink.
Mino smiles at them, and starts to wash them very fast, unfortunately , two of them fall on the floor and break. Mino sweeps the floor, frowning . Then she stands at the window , watching out.  " I like the USA very much . it's beautiful! ", she says, and wonders about her job and erasing and money; from last week she and her friends have started their work in Google. 

Her mom and Mahta come back home an hour later, Mino picks up a rag, and cleans on the cabinet, as her mom enters the kitchen , looks at her with smirk , and thinks :" What's in her mind again?"
The mom asks : " What are you doing , Mino?"
Mino : " oh, you come!! Nothing. I just wanted to help you , mom."
Her mom says, smiling: " Thanks, but I had cleaned here this morning."
Mino sighs , and says: " Really? I didn't know!" , and keeps on cleaning.
The mom picks up a pan to make lunch.  Mino asks her mother , sadly :" Mom, tomorrow is Father's day, you know, don't you? "

The mother laughs : " yes, I understand , you need some money, don't you ? "
Mino throws the rag, happily, while she's playing with her fingers says, so slowly : " only 100 dollars."
The mom's explodes: " 100 dollars! only 100 dollars? do you think I have a treasure? "
A teardrop glows into Mino's eyes, and says:" Please, Mom! I want to give a special gift to my dad."
The Mom: " No, it's impossible. The dad doesn't need an expensive present, you can give him an inexpensive one such as socks or your drawing, plus if I give $ 100 to you , Mahta wants, too "
Mino cries loudly, and says:" I promise Mahta doesn't get anything, but about a cheap present, what's my dad worth? he isn't worth $100 ? "

Her mother puts 20 dollars on the table , angrily , and  shouts : " Now Go; I have a lot to do ."
Mino picks up money, frowning: " Can you lend me 30 dollars, please. I'll give it back soon."
The mom is surprised , " what? Lend !?"
Mino: " I'll get my salary from Google soon. Mr. Assistant told me that Uncle Larry is very open-hearted. "

Her mom thinks a little, then gives her $ 3o else.  Mino runs out with 50 dollars in her hand , gladly. A silk tie waits for her at the store.

    I Am in Australia
Dad is laughing.
Here , he's depressed, and ill.
 A defeated man is sitting alone. Dad feels sorry.
 Here's his birthday, he closes his eyes a moment, I rub cake on his face,  and run away.

 My Happy Dad with her friends are fishing, and my Mom is bored and tired.
A surprised man with open mouth, wide-eyed.
Here, he's napping, I scare him.
Dad is angry.
 My Dad and My Mom is fighting .  Next he has to cook, frowning. Don't eat too much, Daddy!
He's taking a lot of pictures of us.
He drives fast. Slow down, Daddy! Police is Here!
He's cycling, he's swirling me.
Father gets home late, we are asleep.
 Father goes shopping, and forgets to buy many things.
 Dad gets home much later, my mom throws him out .
He's embarrassed.
 Here, he's excited, his eyes glisten, and kisses my mom.

Tina cuts and mixes all videos . She creates a new video about her father , and for her father. It's name  " My Dad's Faces."
Tina sighs , and wonders : " What is Parmis doing now? probably, she's erasing links, if I had gone to the United States , I could show her this video ;  until my dad hasn't seen his video, I don't have  permission to spread it , maybe he won't like it . Oh, I wish Parmis was here! How pity! "  

I Am In Germany

Martin hasn't seen Parmis since last week, he misses her , so calls.
Parmis is putting a bit ointment on her sore leg, closes her eyes , and says: " OK Glass, calm me down " , then rubs it on her skin, slowly, suddenly her smartphone is ringing, Martin is on the phone:

Martin:" hi, Parmis! how are you?"
Parmis:" hi, Martin , I'm fine , and you?"
Martin:" fine, what are you doing?"
Parmis: " I'm resting , my leg is a little painful , because I have practice dance every day."

Martin: " Dance? I thought you work for Google."

Parmis : " that's right, I go to Google in the morning , and at noon  I dance. Armis has a party for his father tomorrow. she wants to sing , and  Mino and I should dance.  How about you ? I guess you work on new app, for this reason you didn't come with us. Is it right?"

Martin : " That's right. We are in Germany now, and  I'm working on a new app, a program for changing feeling; well,  most of the time my father works until midnight, so gets home too late, and it makes my mom sad and angry."
Parmis: " oh, how bad!"
Martin: " yes, I don't like it, my new program changes my mom's feeling. when my dad reaches close the house door, he runs this app, then comes inside, as soon as my mom sees him , she begins to laugh. And our life get sweet forever."
Parmis: " how amazing! you are very kind, Martin."
Martin: " Thanks , since I've seen you , I always thinks about help, friendly, like."

Parmis: " Wow! thanks, but I think you should change your dad, too. life is short, we should enjoy it ."
Martin:" Yes, you're right. I'll think about it. well, Parmis, I should work on my app, because tomorrow is Father's day, then bye."
Parmis: " Good luck, bye."

     A Magic Spell

The mom is sitting at the desk, and thinks about a new story, Parmis enters the room slowly, and picks up a book from the library, then leaves there quickly.

Parmis goes into the kitchen. She places the book on the table, smiles , a sparkle appears in her eyes; Tomorrow is Father's day, and Parmis has a surprise gift.

Although, her dad is in heaven now, but her mom and uncles are just like a father for her.
Parmis closes her eyes -- Since Parmis has read Glass's Story, she thinks " OK Glass" is a magic spell just like" Specialis Revelio"-- so  she says: " OK Glass!" , then opens the book, brings out a folded paper from it , and murmurs, " Parmis's recipe! "

This is a chocolate cake recipe that Parmis and her mom love it, because it's very simple, easy and delicious. Parmis wants to  bake a chocolate cake as the surprise gift.

Easy Chocolate Cake

1 cup white sugar
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
2 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 egg
1/2 cup yogurt
1/2 cup melting butter
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup boiling water
2 teaspoon vanilla extract

"At first, Preheat Oven to 375 degrees F( 190 degrees C)" , Parmis does it.

She continuous to read the recipe, "Stir .." , Parmis brings out a large bowl from the cupboard .

" 1 and 1/2 cups flour and 1/2 cup cocoa!" , she remembers something ; before her mom has told her , " 1/2 cup cocoa makes cake a bit bitter." , she doesn't like bitter, so she pours 1 3/4 cups flour and only 1/4 cup cocoa ,and 1 cup white sugar , baking soda, baking powder and salt into the bowl,
 stirs them together.
Then she adds a large egg, yogurt, butter , boiling water and  vanilla, mixes for 5 minutes by a spoon.
 she dusts cake pan with flour, then pours into it , and puts the pans into preheated oven to bake, 


After 45 minutes, she tests the cake with a toothpick, it should bake more.
Parmis waits 15 minutes, then she tests it again, it's pretty ready."
One hour passes.
Now the chocolate cake is cool, and completely ready. The little girl laughs, and rubs cream on the cake.
Congratulations, Parmis! This is Your Surprise gift .

                   Sweet Moments
A few years ago I found this recipe in an old book, It was too easy , so I baked it, I liked its taste,so it got my favorite recipe.

Specialis Revelio (Scarpin's Revelaspell)


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