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Friday, September 20, 2013

Be the First Domino



Today's articles are a little different from others weeks .this week, I'm going to share only one video and a slide show.


I watched this video a few days ago,  I liked it and thought about it a lot. Although it was almost a commercial video, but it was really interesting and fantastic for me. The video doesn't talk about the product direct, but it works in your mind and your emotions with beauty. So at the end video you feel like its product and that is why I thought about it a lot. I hope I use from this point in my works.


Last week, the fast-food company Chipotle released a new marketing program, "The Scarecrow," which depicts a kind of creepy, dystopian world that makes a heart-wrenching statement about the sorry state of industrial food production.

In less than a week after its release on Wednesday, 9/11, the video had attracted 3.1 million views on YouTube, almost 20,000 likes, and more than 4,000 comments. It was picked up by countless media sources (Slate, the Christian Science Monitor, NPR).

If it's not the most poignant moment I've ever seen in marketing, I don't know what is. In other words: If it doesn't move you, you are possibly made of stone.

If you haven't seen it yet (or even if you have—it's worth watching again and again and again...), check it out


Read more:



And a pretty slide show on slideshre.


I like all sentences of the slideshow


But more


Don't let your culture hold you hostage.



Be the first Domino

At the end, Gideon shared a fantastic e-book about making video fast and this morning I read it, it is so helpful and amazing. You can download it from splosheo for making amazing video.

When You read this e-book, please watch this video ,too.It is a Video in the Splasheo Method . You can go watch it here:

Have a great weekend

All the Best




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