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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Story of my Name

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Soon, autumn is coming here, with colorful leaves. "King of the seasons "is here, A season for learning and education. It's beginning of school term in Iran.


So, I'm going to write my memory of first day to go to school. But before that , I should tell  story about my name , my troublesome name.

This post is about my name, not about first day to go to school.


Once, I read in a book:" The Sweetest word for all people is their names." I believe it and the most beautiful word for me is my name.

My name is "Maryam", but when time I was a little girl, my brothers and sister called me "Mary". They had composed some funny poems about "Mary". It was interesting.

But, as a child I knew that it is so difficult for people to pronounce our last name. Because, whenever we are sick and went to doctors' offices, they couldn't pronounce our name. They often asked my parent "what does your name mean?" It drove me mad, we had to explain about mean of our name and I wasn't pleasant.


So before go to school I made guess, maybe I would face a problem about my name. Although I always think it is so easy for spell and pronounce, but people think different from me. Maybe they are right.


But this story is about my first name. before to go to school I was unaware about my real name. Then one day my mom told me that "my real name is not "Maryam". Wow. I had two names. I was very excited about it. I thought to have two names is so interesting and amazing. So I wasn't sad at all.

I told our neighbor's girl: "Do you know my real name is "Fatima"? She laughed at me and said to me: "you tell lie, your name is "Maryam"?  But I told her: I don't tell lie, my name is in identity card is "Fatima". She didn't believe, but finally she had to accept.


But in school, I understood to have two names isn't very interesting. Whenever someone called "Maryam", I got a picture, she called me.

On the other hand, there were many "Fatima" in our classroom, so my teachers always called our last name , not our first name and my friends usually called me "Tinadfam", "Tinat", "Tiny" and seldom "Maryam", but not "Fatima".


My real name and I couldn't close together; It was a word for writing on my exam sheets, on my books and my notebooks. We were unfamiliar together.


Then, in high school, I wrote on my books or my notebooks "Maryam" or "mt" more or less, it was gradually deleting of my identity.

Maybe, you can't understand me, because you have only one name. You probably have many memories with your name and love them and your name, but I have two names, and many memories with one of them. Memories about childhood, family, friends, park, ice cream, toys and everything else. And another one is always in shadow. It's so pretty, but only a real name, not a memory maker name. But it's still my name, although it isn't the sweetest word for me

 I know myself by "Maryam". It was made my identity.  When I was a baby, it was only name that my parent called me. I like it a lot.  And it's the most beautiful word in the world for me.


Later, I'll write a post about my last name, too.

Until then

Best Wishes




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