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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Correct pronunciation



The pronunciation of my last name is almost difficult, because it is an unfamiliar word for many people.

But I think, its pronunciation is easy. The correct pronunciation of may last name is "Ti:ᴺᵆᵈᶠᵅᵐ"


I have many memories about it?


When I was in high school, our biology teacher was a great teacher but at first day she pronounced my name "Tine"


All students and I laughed and I told her the correct pronunciation of my name. But next day, she called me like last day.


I told her the correct pronunciation of my name again. But at next days, she repeated her mistake, but I said nothing at all and the students always laughed and she was surprised about it.




One day, we were in the yard of our school. A friend of mine came up me and told:" why do you say nothing to our biology teacher? , when she pronounced your name, she drives me so mad, please tell the truth to her. "


Some friends of mine confirmed her. I was wondered about her worry and told her:" oh, I see. Thank you. But she is a mild-mannered person and I like her. At first I felt awkward when she called me, but now it doesn't matter. Because I think it's difficult for her the correct pronunciation of my name."




Out teacher never pronounced my name correctly, but I was glad, because my friends were sensitive about my name. They were my real friends.



              All the Best



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