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Monday, December 9, 2013

I love Chairmanship

Sergey was wearing a Google glass and doing an interview and Larry was watching him. At this time, Larry received a new Gmail. An Invitation Card from Parmis

You have been invited to join  Stars group by Parmis
First meeting:
December 1, 4 P.M.

Larry thought, I guess she has sent one to Sergey, too. Suddenly, his eyes were glistening. He loved deleting so he checked Sergey's G mail and deleted his card.

When Sergey came back beside him, Larry was still looking at his invitation card.
Sergey asked: "what is it?" Larry said: "An Invitation Card from Parmis."
Sergey checked his G mail, but he didn't have any cards. He was sad.

Larry said: "Parmis hasn't invited you, don't worry my friend. Children are so intelligent, they know, who the best uncle is. ", and he smiled.

Sergey's eyes filling with tears, he turned away from Larry until he didn't see his tears.  He thought: Larry, the best uncle? Parmis is stupid, I wanted to give her a Google glass, but now I'm disappointed with her."

Then said : " I go to play with Google glass, bye."

Chat began.
Parmis: welcome to our group. Our goal helps others. Where's Uncle Sergey? Why does he's offline?

Larry: "He's on vacation, because it is time for celebrating. Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday celebrated for 8 days and nights. It usually falls in late November or December."

Parmis: I didn't know. I should send a greeting card for him.

"Now tell us how did you help others on this week?"

Larry: "I opened a tearful girl's inbox. "

Mino: "my sister needed to help for eating her piece of cake. I ate my piece of cake and hers, as well."

Armis: "I did Mino's homework, because she wanted to watch Tina's video."

Parmis: "I helped Tina. She has made a boring video about 3 hours and I watched it, because I didn't want to break her heart."

Armis : "Great work! "

Parmis: "thank you, well done, members.  The meeting finished. We will see together, next week. "

Larry said:" please, wait a moment. Who is  the chairman of group?"

Parmis: "of course, me"

Larry: "why?"

Parmis: "because I made this group."

Larry: "what a stupid reason! You don't think, manager should be very wise and intelligent."

Parmis: "I understood right, you would like to be our leader ?"

Larry responded with a smile.

Now Parmis was angry with Larry.
"You are wiser than us? Open an Inbox is the most important work? Ha! Ha! Parmis said

Larry: "yes, open an inbox is very important. I helped a tearful girl, she was very upset, and she couldn't read her mails. It isn't important?"

Parmis: "it is important, but who locked her inbox? You locked her inbox and then opened it. Is it a help? "

Children are laughed.

Larry: "watching video is a good help? What an interesting help? Ha! Ha! "

Mino said: " Larry tells the truth. I want to be the manager."

Armis: " me too."

Parmis:" you can't be the manager, because we need only one manager and that: I am."

Larry: "you are our manager and you are that big star and we are those small stars. Now, who is bad-heart? However, there isn't any group, now. I'm so engaged and have to leave now. Bye"

Parmis looked around herself, Larry has told the truth, no one was there and there wasn't any group.

      Parmis thought about their group, she remembered

what her mom has told her:    " True friend is like a treasure and our life without friends doesn't have any meaning. Friendship is like gardening, you should take care of your plants and flowers until they remain beautiful and fresh if you break their hearts, your flowers will be dead."
She loves Armis and Mino deeply and she doesn't want to lose them, she loves her uncles, too.

Sergey received a greeting card from Parmis and Larry told the truth about deleting his invitation. Sergey laughed at him, he knew Larry's habits.

Parmis send another invitation cards to her friends.

Our Groups has 5 chairmen. We all are its managers.
Come for a chat, tomorrow, 4 PM.

Have fun

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Best Wishes



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