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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Listen to me


"You're chatting with "don't say his name" again, Parmis?" Mom's Parmis said to her.

While angry Parmis was turning her computer off, she replied:" No, I was doing my homework and it finished right now." Parmis ran out of their home.

Christian tree were wherever and Santa Claus smiled to her.

Parmis was walking and looking at them and saying ""Don't say his name" is going to give me a special present." She wanted to cry.


Parmis went to the park. A few birds flew in the sky, when they saw her, they sat on the ground. Parmis fed them then sat on the bench. She was thinking about "Don't say his name and her Christmas present. 

"Don't say his name" was new name for Larry. It was the name that mom's Parmis called Larry when she was angry with him.





Parmis said: "before burnt meals and now my present, it's not acceptable. There is only a Christmas in a year and only a Christmas present.

I have waited for my present for a few months and now they sulked. They don't think about me. They don't like me. The adults don't do what they say. They say to us "to sulk is bad and peace is good but themselves sulk together. They only advise us. It is very funny."


 Mom's Parmis is a writer, and Larry is her manager.

Sometimes they had a quarrel over writing and the time. Larry thinks her mom doesn't know the time and her mom thinks that Larry doesn't understand her; so they sulk together.

 Parmis likes their quarrels because when they sulk, her mom doesn't write. They have a lot of time to be together; they go to the movie, park and eating ice cream. that's great

Larry is also very friendly and Sergey is alike always. He is kind and in chat. But now she doesn't like their sulk faces, because Christmas is coming soon and also her presents. 

These recent months, Parmis has visited Nexus website, Moto X website and some other. She thought, which one is better? Nexus 5, or 7, or 10, Moto X or Moto G or maybe a trip around the world is the best. 

She read an article about Nexus 5 ( Google Nexus 5 review for dummies : 5 reasons why I bought the Android flagship and said bye to BlackBerry) and its benefits.


 She was so hopeful for getting a special present from Uncle Larry and Sergey and now a storm destroyed    all her dreams. She needed a help. She can't say her willing to Sergey, because that time he thought Parmis is greedy for getting presents and it was not good. What should she do?

Mom's Parmis recently has written an article about listening to others. Parmis thought that they should listen to me, too. So she drew a new plan. She picked her note and pen up.

Larry visited Parmis's blog. He was surprised when he saw her new post. A letter to Santa Claus

"Dear Santa Claus

I've been a good girl this year, so may you give me a special gift. You know that the war is very bad and Peace is very good. May you make peace in my family? My mom and uncle argued and now they sulk. I don't like my uncle's sulk face and my mom's tearful face. My mother is crying from morning until night and I can't read my lessons, now my grades have been very bad. Please help me. Thanks a lot and don't forget other my wishing.

Sincerely, Parmis"

Larry laughed for a long time. Parmis is really funny. She thinks that I'm a child.



Parmis also placed many notes wherever at home. On TV, on Laptop, on chairs, on refrigerator, on desk, on pots, even inside mom's book

"Listen to me, act to what you say"

When her mother read these notes her smiled and thought and then said to Parmis:" let's have a chat."


They talked about some things one hour; Parmis didn't say anything about her presents. She said about her feelings, she don't like they sulk together, she like to chat with her uncles.


Parmis is right. This argument wasn't hers. Mom apologized to Parmis. They removed this name "don't say his name" and her mom promised to talk to Larry for solving their problems.

Since Sergey and Larry have seen Parmis's letter, they are laughing at her. Although Sergey doesn't like to interfere in their quarrel, but he didn't like to see sad Parmis; so He talked to Larry.

A different chat    


Let's have a chat. This time her mom and Larry are at chat and Sergey and Parmis try to make peace.

Larry promises to be a little friendly and her mom promises to learn the time. Parmis says to Sergey: "I'm trying to teach her telling the time, I know what time it is." Sergey says: "I hope." 

Maybe they need a written promise? I don't know, but I know they sulk again and again and making peace again and again. But I hope they stay in friendship until after Christmas day.



Images by : Nexus, All-free-download, Pixabay, Psdgraphics, Hubspot 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year





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