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Saturday, December 21, 2013

my Prayers open closed doors, I'm sure


I hope wide opens again the tavern door,
And sham's tricks are exposed once more.
If the tavern is closed by clergy's whim,
It will be again opened in the name of Him.
My heart-though a libertine-is so pure,
My prayers open closed doors, I am sure.
Give condolence to the virgin of vine,
For disheveled their ringlets, all sellers of wine.
At the wine death-bed the harp pulled its hair,
lets of its deep worries opponents be aware.
O' Lord! the tavern's closed but don't permit,
The wide open remain, gate of the hypocrite.
Hafiz! many wear your cloak, but tomorrow may,
To the cross or Idol shamefully pray.

                                                      Images by :pixabay

Happy Yalda Night​



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