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Monday, May 6, 2013

beetles are pretty

Dear Parmis

I didn't write in English for a week and next I feel, I'm addicted to English and feel without it my life become more difficult. Sometimes I am disappointed with my writing, that time I write in Persian. When I see others make a fool of me, I understand ,anyway they will mock me , then it's better I do what I want. Maybe my writing is very bad but I like them. They are my feeling and my opinion. I'm afraid of writing like when I 'm afraid of beetles.

We have lived in an old house and in summer beetles were our guests. I would like to be brave so I wasn't afraid of  medicines, darkness, heights, doctors,but not beetles. Why not? They were ugly and dirty. I disliked them.

One day I saw one of them in our room. All day long I thought about it. At night I wanted to sleep, but I couldn't. Whenever I closed my eyes I remembered it. The room was too dark and I thought a beetle walked on the carpet. Then it found me .it walked on my skin, hands, and eyes. It was terrible. Then I woke up and turned on the light, looked for it. Next I turned off it. I didn't know what I do. The door of my room was open. I stayed up that night until passing beside the room, my father saw me. He came in the room and told me: "why do you stay up?" when I told him about my fear, he smiled at me and said: "  beetles don't have fear and then he wanted me to sleep and went. But I still had fear. I would like to cry. After a while my father turned again. When he saw I was awake. He took me to another room. Then I slept.

Later, I thought about that night and my troubles. Only for a beetle I stayed up a long time. Therefore I realized my father were right.
Now, I'm not afraid of beetles but I'm afraid some things like writing. And I have only one way, I should face up to my problems.   

               Best Wishes 



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