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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Is Google like a kind angel???

Hi parmis

Yesterday was my birthday. It was a nice day. We went out together and enjoyed our day. Then we came back home and ate my birthday cake and I took many beautiful gifts from my family. I love them (my family and my presents).

Next, I turned on the computer to see my favorite sites. When I performed my browsers (Mozilla and chrome), I was surprised for what I saw. A Google doodle on the desktop for me. It was from Google. I was so happy and I saved that image. It's really pretty. Thanks to Google. It made me surprising. Sometimes it is like a kind angle and sometimes it become a little malicious.

But today I missed it. When I turned on the computer, it didn't work. I had to repair my Windows and when it was turned on,again, I remembered my nice image. I'd like to see it again, I opened that folder happily. But I didn't find it. Maybe it was deleted forever and maybe it's hidden for a short time, and then it come back. I don't know.

I think everyone glad to see Google Doodle on his/her desktop. We can send our ideas for them to make new Google Doodle. I do it. You do it, too. Maybe they make a Doodle from your idea, then one day you turn on your computer and you see it on your desktop. But when you see it, be careful to save it in a safe folder.

At the end
Happy Mother's Day
Thank you Google&

Best wishes                                       


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