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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Google doodle and Iran's oil

some in Congress seek total ban on Iran's oil


Dear Parmis










Yesterday, I wrote my new Ideas to Google doodle and then I went to have dinner. On TV I saw the news about new American decision and I was a little frightened. I understood, they're going to cut off Iran from world oil markets and I was worried about it. At night I had a bad dream about GD winner. The drawing was nice but I didn't like it.


This morning, I thought about us (Iran & USA), new ideas and my friends. Now I have some friends in the United States. I'd like to be friends together forever. I know, friendship can change at war and friends become enemies.  That's bad. It make both of countries poorer because we miss a lot of money and a lot of men in the war.


I thought a little, after a while I had two ideas:


1- Google, Mozilla and I are friends. Sometimes I am angry with Google, at this time Mozilla usually make peace between us. I think we need a country like Mozilla to make peace. Of course people in both the United States and Iran should trust that country.


2-We need new Ideas to solve this problem. There are many people in both of countries and they have some ideas. I think we should make a new box for new ideas and people send their ideas to it. Although, I have a few emails but I don't have much time to read emails. So we need a box and a person to read all emails and of course a Prize big for the best idea. We know Google is so rich; they can give a prize big, because, if we become friends, Google find a new big market (75 millions) and it gets richer and richer. We also become happier and happier. If you have also some ideas, please tell me and I send it to GD.


                                                      With Love




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