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Sunday, May 19, 2013

old photos and Book of Life



Dear Parmis


Moments make our life book, some moments are very sweet and some else seem very bitter, but our moments will never repeat again, so we should enjoy them and our life.

Life does not the days that have passed but it is the days that I remember.


On a warm May morning, we ran out our class. The sun was shining and we were so happy. We wanted to go out with our teachers. Then we took a bus to go to a big park. It was far from our school. We were talking a bout there on the bus, until we arrived there. We got off the bus happily. There was very beautiful park, full of flowers and tall trees.


We all were laughing, running and picnicking there. That was an amazing day and we had a good time together. Then we took some photos that remember that day forever.


Here are two photos of my friends and I. I think we all (my friends & I) like these photos so much.

I hope you take nice photos with your friends.

                  With best wishes



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