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Friday, April 4, 2014

The Aroma of Haft-Seen-3 ( There's no place like it )

Maybe Tomorrow night​

" When are you going to Iran, Armis?" Miss Dana says, Armis smiles and says :" maybe tomorrow night. I don't know , Miss."
Miss Dana asks Mino :" Can you tell us a little about Nowruz , Mino?"
Mino gets a little red , and says happily : " yes, Miss."

" Nowruz is New Year festival in Iran , it begins on the first day of spring, at this day family members wear new clothes , gather around Haft-Seen table , and await the moment of the arrival of spring. when New Year comes, they kiss each other , and exchange their Nowruz gifts. Some children believe Nowruz gift is the best part of Nowruz. "

The children laugh , Miss Dana tells :" Thank you, Mino, but what is Haft-Seen table ?"
Armis says:" I can explain, Haft-Seen means " Seven S's" . We put seven different items starting with the letter " S" in Persian on Haft-Seen table. "

" What an interesting table ! you should write a composition about your traditions after holiday ." Miss Dana says, she looks at Parmis ; Parmis looks a little sad, " Can you show us Iran on map, Parmis?"

Parmis shows Iran on Google maps , and says :" Here is Iran, then clicks on Tehran ", and continues " Tehran is my mom's city, she was born in Tehran, and lived there before she made familiar with my dad, then they got married , and came to this Island. " she pauses a few minutes :" but I know Iran pretty well, because we travel to Tehran a lot , I like Iran very much, but my home is here. There's no place like it."

Enjoy Festival of Fire !
Armis and Mino speaks about " Chaharshanbe Suri" , Mino is so excited about it , Mino's dad is going to buy a lot of firecrackers for her , and Armis's dad can make hand grenade very well, maybe he gives to them one . They are so happy, Parmis thinks about her dad .

Like a Rainbow in the Sky

After school, Parmis says goodbye to Armis and Mino , and goes home. The baggage is close the door, and her mom is sitting at the desk ,and writing peacefully a new story peacefully .

Parmis goes into her room, picks her teddy bear , and enters the garden.

she hugs her friend and says to it : " a few years ago, my dad and I sat here, close together , and looked at birds. I wish he was alive.

My mom was a goldfish in a tank, she liked clouds and blue sky, and my dad liked the ladder. he wanted to go upper and upper.

 They had a common goal, when they saw together,  loved at first sight , then got married, and inhabited in a pacific island.

They loved traveling lot, for this reason I was born in China, close to Great wall of china.

Someday I will be an inventor and great engineer like my father, he was a creative engineer,

 when I was a baby, sat next to his, and stared at computer, he told me:" Parmis, do you like computer?"  I laughed , and he laughed, too.

One day he went out, but never returned.  he died at a terrible driving accident.
my mom couldn't believe his death, she stayed all long day in bed and cried, every morning I asked my mom : " when Daddy comes home?" , but my question was without reply.

Keep in mind to fly!

Uncle Larry took me to United States with him. I stayed there for a few months.

Every morning Uncle Larry and I went to bicycling, and every evening  Uncle Sergey bought a delicious ice cream for me.

Sometimes we flew by airplane, it was so exciting, finally I understood my dad never would return home , it was too much painful for me. Thank God, I had my uncles! They weren't my real uncles, rather they were the best friends of my parents, but I liked them such as my real uncles."

" Parmis, come. we should leave right now." the mom yells.
" well, Teddy, get up! we should go inside." Parmis says to her friend.

We'll Return Soon

The mom picks up our baggage ,and puts them into the back of the car. Their destination is the grandma's house, but at first they ride to cemetery. Parmis places a red rose on the dad's tombstone. The mom and the girl with tearful eyes get into the car, and drive away.

                                            All The Best


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