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Friday, April 11, 2014

The Aroma of Haft-Seen-4 ( Fasten your seat belt )


There are seven people at the meeting : Mr. Schmidt, Larry and his assistant , Sergey, Gd, Gloria and Blogger man.
The topic of this meeting is : " Larry's song on the stage "
In despair Mr. Schmidt says to Larry: " Forget it, Larry. It's really silly. We are on Google, Not--Sergey interrupts him:" Don't be Evil, Eric! In my opinion , Google needs new ideas; Singing a leader on the stage is funny and exciting . People like a friendly leader. " he says.
Larry sighs.

Gd stops drawing the new Doodle, says: " Smashing! I always admire fresh ideas . I agree."

Google's new employee, Gloria, smiles : " So do I. This song may be a smash hit in the world . Mr. Brin , you always support wonderful thoughts , I believe."

Sergey's face get red , and he replies with embarrassment : " Thank you, your precision is admirable, please, call me Sergey."
Gloria : " OK, you can call me Glory."

Larry smirks , and drinks his coffee. Gloria looks at him with surprise , and says : " All we like creative ideas , so I have a suggestion; I've read that eating ice cream makes us cheerful , so why we don't eat ice cream instead of drinking coffee. " Mr. Schmidt sighs , and thinks :" Who employed her?"

Sergey smiles at Gloria, their eyes meets each other, Gloria's warmth sight comes into Sergey's heart, such a sun shines and melts the ices of his heart . He tells: " Great! Let's try it. ", and thinks :" She's the most intelligent girl that I've ever seen, maybe I need an assistant. "
Larry grins , and murmurs : " What an unforgettable meeting ! The broken heart of my friend is mending! "

All family members get together in the grandma's house. The grandma and the parents are talking about the flight time , and the children listening to them.

Parmis is sitting on a chair and speaking to Martin on the phone. " have you a good trip Parmis, see you soon. " Martin says. Parmis says goodbye to him , and hangs up the phone.

In a few minutes , her smartphone is ringing , Tina is on the phone, and she asks: " Are you really want to fly? Think a little more. maybe your airplane gets lost, like the missing Malaysia airline plane. Since I've heard about it, I'm afraid of traveling by plane, so my daddy bought a luxury yacht last week, its name is Ark.
 It's completely safe and enough big. Sailing on sea is exciting , I love it...."

When Parmis says goodbye to Tina, thinks about her words, if their plane gets lost on the ocean, she won't see Uncle Larry's flying machine. " I wish our uncles were here , Uncle Larry was a good pilot , he could take us to Iran by his plane. " Parmis murmurs.

Mino seems to be so excited , she tells Parmis :" What I heard is true ; Tina's dad has a luxury yacht?" Parmis: " yeah, that's right."
Mino thinks for one or two second , and says to the children :" Please, follow me! "
She runs towards their special room. Parmis and Armis look at together with surprise , and run after Mino, into the room.
The meeting begins.

Mino:" I have a good idea, we should invite Tina to Iran . "
Armis and Parmis , together :" why?"
Mino : " For two reasons : First for luxury yacht, second for Parmis's future. "
Parmis : " what? my future? I don't understand you ."

Mino:" Be quite and listen to me ! we know that Martin likes Parmis a little, this is good news, but we're leaving here today, and our trip lasts more than 15 days . unfortunately, when we aren't  here,

Martin and Tina see each other every day, they walk along the shore hand in hand, watching the cool videos , and eating pizza together. Tina's dad is wealthy, and everyone likes money, so Martin will forget Parmis forever. Parmis's dreams house will be destroyed easily, at the result we should take Tina with us to Iran."

Parmis laughs , and says : " You're kidding , Martin and I are only friends . We never think about marriage , we are still  too young. "
" Be serious about your fate. Have you forgotten Uncle Sergey's story? ; when he left Russia , Goolisha forgot him. Do you want to repeat that story? " Mino says furiously.
Armis sighs and says: " Mino is right . That day you said to us : inventors are lover , so you should fall in love sooner." Martin is a good boy, but money tricks everyone. "

Parmis says, smiling:" Thanks , you're my best friends, but my mom always tells me : "No one can predict the future", and about Martin ; he doesn't like much money. Mark Zuckerberg is his model of responsibility, success and hardworking. As soon as he heard about salary of Facebook's chief executive officer, told me : " when I will be an engineer, I get one dollar like my knight : Sir Mark zuckerberg. "

Mino explodes and says : " He's stupid. Who can live only with one dollar? If he wants to follow Mark Zuckerberg , he should be a billionaire , not a miserable man."

Mino : " Now picks up the phone, and Calls Tina."
Armis :" Maybe Tina doesn't come with us."
Mino:" She will come , yesterday she told me : " I like to visit Iran for making a cool video on " Chaharshanbe Suri "."

Mino is right again. Tina can't believe what she hears, and says : " Thanks , Parmis!  My dream comes true, and now I'm walking on air."

Parmis also invites Martin to join them. Mino is opposed to it , she believes that Martin is a brainiac , and he can't stand " chaharshanbe suri " tradition ; probably will be afraid of Mino's firecrackers and Armis's hand grenade . Even maybe he thinks Parmis's family is dangerous, so he will escape. Mino doesn't want that Parmis' dreams house will be destroyed . But Parmis wonders Martin will enjoy that night, so calls him.

Our tourists go on the yacht. Tina's parents are really lively, they're the salt of the earth.

On the deck , our author is writing a new story, Tina's dad tells a lot of funny stories for men , her mom shows her huge diamond ring to the ladies , and the children play together.

 Suddenly wind blows , and the diamond ring falls on the deck , a seagull picks up it by its beak , and flies away quickly . Tina's mom and the ladies sigh, his dad and the men grin, Tina records an exciting video for uploading to YouTube, and the little girls cheer the seagull and Tina.

The full moon shines the sky brightly. Parmis walks on the deck silently. she looks out to the ocean . It is dark, and the night wind touches her cheeks softly. suddenly Parmis hears splash, and sees to come a ship : " O My God ! a pirate ship ! " she says.

Seven buccaneers enter the yacht quickly, one of them has a wooden leg, and another one has an earring . Parmis is feared , wants to cry for help, but she can't . she's frozen. The men approach her, the small beads of perspiration drops down her neck, and her heart beats like a prisoner sparrow . The wooden leg man smiles at Parmis ,  gives her a pair of binoculars , and other man sings a lovely song for her :

" why are you afraid, little bud !
God is watching you in the Hangout,
Say bye to your doubt,
Smiling, Put on the dress of faith,
Come from the dark room out,
Look,Look at his Hangout,
God smiles you in the clouds,
Embrace the biggest Hangout,
It's  for you,
Anytime, Anywhere

Don't worry, little sprout !
God is here , then sprout!
Believe in him, open your heart,
Dont' fear, he gives you plus one,
Express your heart feelings,
God leaves you sweet comments,
You're in God's hangout.
Laugh, Laugh, Give up your fright!
Laugh, Let to fly your spirit,
God shares your belief ,
Don't forget his strong Hashtags,
#Love , #belief and #hope ,
Stick them in mind, fearless,
 And Stay in your best friend's  hangout,
It's for you,
Anytime, Anywhere".

 Parmis opens her eyes . " What a sweet dream!! "

She goes on the deck for taking the air, in the distance seven seagulls are flying, she opens her Gmail.
Uncle Sergey says:" we have a private jet, why do you travel by ship. traveling by sea is unsafe. "

Smiling, Parmis says:" but I like it, it's very exciting. I dreamed ; the dream of pirate ship , you both were in my dream."
Uncle Sergey:" really? what did Larry do?"
Parmis :" He sang a funny song for me. "
Uncle Larry:" oh, how interesting! so I should sing my song on the stage. How do you think about it?"
Parmis : " I agree , your song is very pretty . Sing it. You are the Lord of the Clouds, plus The Lord of the rings !"

The aroma of hazel coffee swirls around her, leaves her hangouts, and goes to the bed for seeing another sweet dream , this time about treasure map. "

                Best Regards


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