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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Aroma of Haft-Seen-5 ( Cover your ears, We're singing , Bang Bang)

The bitter cold has gone, and spring is here.
Good evening. And here's Seven o'clock news from Tehran with lovely Parmis.

17 Strangers In Tehran

This morning Tehran was dressed in green , said hello to 17 tourists form a pacific island ; including 5 women, 3 men and 9 children. One of the boys, Martin, looked at Haji Firuz with open mouth , wide-eyed , and a little girl , Tina, was recording a video of him expertly.
Miss Mino said to our reporter :

" Be relaxed Tehran, Mino is here. I'm happy to be in Tehran. I hope my dream comes true , and I will get more than $500  as Nowruz's gift. Happy 4shanbe Suri !"

This afternoon Uncle Larry looked for a music band. For a few days he has gone to his guitar lesson. But everyone knows that he is too busy, and learning music takes much time, so he decided to hire a good band.

After a long search he found his favorite band: a good Japanese band. Although they aren't too young, but they are lively and likeable.

​Scaring people : A Little Girl's Entertainment​

At 10 A.M. Miss Armis was upset because of losing hand grenade. Please, notice to our reporter's report:
Armis:" Daddy , Please make some grenade for me. "

Her dad:" Are you kidding ? Making hand grenade is forbidden, ​
​if I make it, the police will catch me, and worse than all , your mom will kills me. have a heart , I'm still young. In addition, the hand grenade is very dangerous, if it gets exploded in your hand , you are a disabled person. you don't like it, do you? .... well, but don't worry, instead of it, we have some skyrockets , they are pretty and safe."

Armis :" But I like the hand grenade because of its loud noise. It scares everyone, and I laugh."
Her dad:" It's not good to frighten people. Now go to inside, I want to gather firewood , we need them for tonight."
How Sad! Armis's dream got destroyed.

Tricking of few children

At 12 P.M. Mr. bomb-man tricked Mr. Kiarash.

Our reporter said :" When Kiarash saw unhappy Armis, he decided to make hand grenade by himself.
Parmis:" Do you know how to make it?"
Kiarash:" No, but we have Google, it knows everything. "
He searched on Google for half an hour, and then said : " We need : red powder, banderole, gravel,... I got Mr. bomb-man's address."
Mino:" Who is he?"
Arash:" he sells the red lead. Kiarash and I are going to buy it."

Mr. bomb-man had stood on the street corner. The boys came up him, and bought the red lead .

 Next they made some hand grenades .
All of the children covered their ears with the hands, Armis threw one of the grenade on the floor, the children were waiting for explosion, but nothing happened .
Armis despaired , and Mino said angrily :" You can't make a grenade! "
Arash:" I guess, the instruction was wrong ."
Parmis looked at the red powder carefully  , and told: " I bet, it's just soil."

The children touched the powder with surprise, and then they laughed together."
But Kiarash sat on the floor , and cried.

Parmis called Mr. bomb-man , and said to him:" Please, give us back our money !"
Mr. bomb-man laughed , and said : " Which money ?"
Parmis:" You know nothing about business, you are a crook."
Mr. bomb-man :" what you know about business ? when your dad wasn't born, I was a business man,baby ! "
Parmis: "  Business is attracting people, not scaring them. A businessman never tricks others , because he doesn't want losing his clients." and then she hanged up the phone."

The Seven's o'clock news is happy for this cheat; the red powder is really dangerous, these children were good luck. please , Take care of your children.

Today , Miss Gloria seemed a little depressed. A new report says:"

  Uncle Sergey asked her :" What happens, Glory?"
Glory:" Oh, I'm worried about my father; he has heart trouble, last night he was at hospital."
Sergey:" Oh, how sad ! how is he now?"
Glory:" he is at home, and pretty well. But maybe the heart attack comes back every moment."
Sergey thought for one second , and smiled :" He needs Google Glass. Google Glass takes care of him."
Glory:" Really?"
Sergey:" yes, some hospitals use Glass right now. His doctor can examine him remotely."
Glory:" Oh, how Great! How much is it?"
Sergey:" about $1500 , but it's free for our Assistants. "

Glory:" Wow! Thank you. After this Our family wont be concerned  about my father health with Google Glass. You are very kind and protective. "
Sergey: "No problem. Only you recognize my value. "

And Last news : Today is " Chaharshanbe Suri ", or the Iranian Festival of Fire , and I have to leave here right now. I want to join my friends. Happy 4shanbe Suri. Please, notice to Tina's report of this pretty tradition:

" Boom .... Boom .... Good evening . At 6 P.M. we went into the street . This evening , many people are in streets and alleys , Parmis's uncles lit large bonfire - she has a lot of uncles - Wow! Parmis is here , Bang .... Bang

The little girls jump over a large bonfire, while singing : "Zardi-ye man az to , Sorkhi-ye to az man " . My mom is jumping over a small bonfire with aunt Lili and Sami, she's very excited. My daddy says to Armis's dad :" I love fireworks. My family likes to come to Iran every 4shanbe Suri , it is amazing!" .

Uncle Mahdi is taking  many photos of the children, Uncle Mohsen is lighting some skyrockets; they burst into fire with a big noise, Armis gets excited , and throws a firecracker near Parmis's mom. Boom .... She's frightens, and jumps up , Armis laughs lot.
Bang .... Bang ...Aunt Sami throws a firecracker close Armis. Armis scars , and jumps up , but laughs. Goldfish also jump over their tanks, smiling.

Wow! watch over there ! Parmis has some colored smoke grenades in her hands, the girls are astonished, she explains that has learned making them from Wiki How. They are amazing!

Boom .... Boom ... The  air smells like Fire , like smoke !

Uncle Hamed is dancing by the fire, Uncle Hussein is singing the the traditional song , Uncle Hamid is jumping over the biggest bonfire, people cheer them

The fire warms her Grandma's cheeks, she's happy, all of her children and grandchildren are around her.
Mino's dad is playing the guitar , and aunt Lili listens to it with feeling deep.

Boom .... Boom

Kiarash , Arash and Martin are wrapping themselves in white sheets, they have to go door to door asking treats , while banging on pots and pans, Bang... Bang.... Bang..
Martin frowns, he doesn't like to go, but the little girls tell: " there is no scape! " Bang.. Bang ..

The people are happy, the dark sky is bright by fireworks. The air smells like love, like Fire

Everywhere is smoke , fire , happy. The fire warms our cheeks, and our hearts, we are eating Ajil Moshkel Gosha, and thinking about ways of love. We murmur :" Here is Tehran, here is Chaharshanbe Suri, We like Fire, Fireworks , and being explosive . Boom ... Boom
We like " Chaharshanbe Suri " even without explosive. Boom... Boom... Heard enough
! I invite you to join us . Thanks Tina from Iran."

Mega Mario , My Favorite Game

Chaharshanbe Suri finished. We ate vegetable rice with fish for dinner, it is also one of the traditions of Chaharshanbe Suri. Now I'm checking my Gmail. everything is well.

At first Kiarash felt bad , but soon he forgot  his money, he's going to grow plants and flowers in his soil.

Martin enjoyed Chaharshanbe Suri. He always thinks about computer and video games, even on vacation. He's going to make a new game such Mega Mario game . Its name will be " Bang Bang. Only Jump! " . It is about a little girl who is jumping over large bonfire.

All The Best

Happy People

The Happy People are failures, because they are on such terms with themselves . They don't give doom.
Agatha Christie





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