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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

America is near here.

The old lady, " Don't be silly, Little Girl --- you can't take a snowman to the United States, it melts--- well, America is too far from here."

The old man grins, " That's right. It must be eaten right now -- we can help you. "
Monika, " So, you can count on me to. "
The Mom, " Oh, Thanks a lot ... You're very friendly."
Armis giggles, " Sorry, but the Icy-man has gone."
Parmis, " Yeah, now our Icy-man is near the U.S, it moved at 3 P.M. "

The eyebrows are raised in surprise, the children can't help laughing. Armis, " It is inside a freezer. "
" On our friend's luxurious yacht. " Parmis adds as she puts last ice-cream stick into the trolley cases. The Mom's mouth drops open in surprise, " Is Tina's family sailing to America?"

Parmis and Armis nod their heads. " This summer Tina and Martin have joined us on vacation, so we will enjoy ourselves a lot, won't we?" Armis tells her friend; Parmis's cheeks glow, she looks up at the ceiling, and wonders about their trip, " Yes, why not? again my busy days will start: working for Google, watching 2015 Women's World Cup, a two-week trip to Antarctic, visiting Iran and Europe, having delicious ice-creams in Gloria's ice-cream shop, taking photos, reading books, learning codes, birthday party, flight and a lot of things else -- it must be so amusing! I'm looking forward to seeing these days. "

Monika sighs deeply, " Sounds look fun! You are lucky."
Armis, " So, Join us -- We leave for San Francisco tonight."

A bitter smile emerges on the waitress's face, " Oh, thanks ... but I can't leave my cafe alone."

The writer lets out a terrible shriek, " Tonight? It is too early."
Parmis pulls up a chair, sits just opposite her Mom at the table and so does Armis. Parmis takes a look at the menu for a while, then says, " The sooner the better. Can I have some chocolate cake?"

 The Mom smiles at her, and looks at Armis, she laughs, " Please, banana split."
The Mom, " And a coffee for me, Please."
Monika, " All right -- Yet you haven't said where Mino is?"

Armis points to outdoors, " She's coming."

Just the moment, Mino appears at the doorway with a huge dog. Monika's expression shows her happiness, she takes a step forward, and stares at the entrance, Mino enters, and says hello.

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