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Monday, June 22, 2015

Is this farewell or will we see each other again?

Monika, " Oh, I see -- why is it taking so long?"
The author rests her chin on her hand while she is staring at the waitress, " LONG? I don't think so -- I've just begun writing, haven't I?"
" Tell me how long I have been here?" the writer asks when she faces up to her friend's laugh.
Monika glances at the calendar, " About two months."
The author looks shocked, " Really? you must be kidding?"

The waitress shakes her head, " No kidding. " Then she adds in a calmer voice, smirking, " Be patient, My friend -- Rome wasn't built in a day -- You have a lot of time till the winter."

The writer bits her lip, " Terrible! "
Monika lets out a bitter sigh, " I wish I were in this tale. "
-- " As soon as you put the cup on my table, you entered my story."
-- " Really, Mary?"
--, " Yeah. Now Smile, Please." she moves her hand towards her smartphone.

A big smile emerges on Monika's face, she sits on the opposite seat, and poses for her photo, " I'm ready, Mary."
--, " OK."
Quick as a flash the writer's fingers push laptop towards Monika, and as it stops beside her on the table, the writer blows the dust off the laptop with all her strength.

A dense cloud of the dust rises, Monika begins coughing, and the writer surprises her with taking an unexpected dusty photo.

Monika laughs loudly, " Crazy. "
Mary hands her the cup, " This isn't clean. May I change it?"
Monika nods her head, " Of course. "

Suddenly the windows rattle; the old couple sitting by the window shout, trembling, " Slip out! they're coming."

By the way it is late to escape, because Parmis and Armis become visible at the glassy door.

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