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Sunday, June 28, 2015

I want to surprise him

The trolly cases is pushed into the cafe, and moves straight towards the server as quickly as it can; Monika turns so pale that the girls burst into laughter; the mother gets up from her seat and spreads her arms, smiling.

Parmis races Armis to reach the mom's embrace first while the roll along comes closer to the waitress; Monika takes two steps left, and grins. Now she feels safe, but something strange happens: the trolly cases turns to the old couple and scare them.

When brave Monika notices their fear, she jumps in front of the crazy suitcase to save her clients, and unfortunately the roll along runs into the waitress, drops her down, and pulls into the couple's table and forces them to let out a terrible shriek, and cry for help.

Without any reactions to shouts, Parmis throws herself into her mother's arms, and cries aloud, " Mommy, I miss you." and Armis does too.

The mother kisses them both, and says, " Oh, My Children! you have grown since I last saw you."

Armis nods, " Yeah-- Aunt Mary, you've got prettier since I saw you this morning."

The Mom brings a sweet smile on her face , and strokes Armis's hair softly, " Where is Mino?"
Armis wants to reply but a crash surprises them: the suitcase had hit one of the table legs, and stopped under the table, and because of that strong strike its door had opened, and its contents had split out.

Parmis shouts at Armis, frowning, " Gee, Uncle Larry's gift -- Let's gather them." the two kids rush for the thousands of ice-cream sticks covered all over the floor. the mother's eyes grow wide, " What are these?"

Parmis, " Ice-cream stick."
The Mom sulks, " I can see."
Armis, " Aunt Mary, Parmis bought 10,000 ice-creams this noon. "
Monika and the couple shout together, " 10, 000?"
Parmis points to the sticks, " Aren't they beautiful? it took us more two hours to paint them. "
The Mom's worried look shifts from the sticks to Parmis's face, " What did you do with the ice-creams? I hope you hadn't eaten them all. "

Parmis, " No, I ate only 6 ."
Armis, " We made an iceman with them."

While Parmis is putting the sticks into the suitcase, she says, " We want to take these to the US."

The Mom, " Why?"
Parmis, " The Father's day is coming up, this is my present for Uncle Larry."

Monika begins laughing, " Ice-cream sticks for the Uncle? aren't you mad? you should have shopped a valuable gift for your Uncle -- Throw away them, I will help you to choose a nice present, OK? "

Parmis shakes her head, " No, Uncle Larry likes my gift, I have a great idea."
Armis laughs, " Yes, she has. I'm sure that Uncle Sergey will also like that iceman. "

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